Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fun Days - Chapter Twelve

Cheyanne walks over and grabs a cup of coffee as she sits down beside me. "So did you do what I asked you to do?" "Oh, om, well.......," I stumble all over my words. She gives me that, don't lie to me girl, spill the beans look. "Well, yes I did," I reply and hesitate. "And, go on. You have to tell me. I'm sitting on pins and needles here," she begs. "Yes, I did, I was shocked really at his response. I think he's in love with me," I tell her.
Her mouth hits the floor as she spits her coffee out. I love it when I can surprise her like that. I start giggling like a little school girl. "Details," she shouts. "Well I snuck up to his room. I was admiring him when he woke up. And that's when I kissed him," I tell her. "Oh my, you did what?" she shouts. "Yes I kissed him and just when I thought he was going to tell me no again, he kissed me back. We were all mouths, hands and bodys. We were almost there when Chris walked in," I tell her. "Oh my, you guys almost......, and poor Chris," she giggles. "Poor Chris, how about poor me and Dimitri. I was mortified. And now I can't touch him," I huff. "I guess I'll have to find a way to help you too out," she tells me. I almost sink into my chair. This can't be good. I think to myself.

Later I'm in my old room doing some homework as my mind wonders. I wonder what Dimitri is doing. I pull up my messenger and type a small message to him to ring into his phone. What are you doing? I miss you. I type. I sit and hope he's able to respond back.

He's quick to respond back. "Im working out in the gym. I'll be seeing you soon. I miss you more. he replies.
I stare at the screen with a big face splitting grin. Oh he misses me and he's in the gym. Maybe I need a workout. I look over at Sandy who is reading. "I'm going to go and work out with Dimitri. I will meet up with you later," I tell her. She nods as I head to my room to change.
There he is just like he said. Hes not wearing his usual workout clothes which is yummy. These just make him look more professional. He looks around really quick as he pulls me to him. His lips meet mine in a sweet bliss. Oh how I have been day dreaming all day about kissing him again. It's been driving me crazy every time I see him. It doesn't last long which makes me frown. He gives me a quick smile as he points to the treadmill.  
He's practicing some of his kicks while I jump on the treadmill. I almost fall off the thing looking over at him.
Then Chris joins us which halts our time together. He knows about us as he smirks at me a few times which makes me blush.
I'm bored out of my mind as they talk their guy talk. Oh I know what I would love to be doing right now, but I don't see that being a option. It's going to be harder than I thought to play princess and guardian. I just want to launch myself at him right now and breath in his scent.

After our workout, me and dimitri decide to relax and watch some tv. I'm sitting oh so close to him, our arms touching. I slip my arm under his as I lace my fingers through his. Oh how his long fingers feel laced into mine. He slowly rubs his thumb over my knuckles sending chills over my whole body.  I know its safe this time. My parents are in some kind of meeting and are away at the moment. All of the others don't care what we do. We all relax a little and do our own thing. Dimitri is even relaxed as he scoots closer to me.  
He turns to me as he runs his fingers down my cheek. I close my eyes as I relish his touch. "Do you know how much you mean to me?" he asks as he continues to stroke my face. 
And before I can answer him hes managed to pull me into his lap and possess my lips while holding me to his chest. 

I wrap my arms around him as passion boils deep down. I want him right now, on this couch. But with the last encounter it left me embarrassed and probably scared Chris for life.
He slowly pulls me off his lap and to where we are standing. I'm out of breath and full of need. "Soon," he tells me. 

I smile at him trying to pull myself together. As my breathing slows and I have recovered myself I smile up at Dimitri which seems to be enjoying the effect he has on me. "I can't stand it when he can hide his emotions so easy. Its so unnerving. 
He pulls me to him as he wraps his arms around me. I've got to do some things. Chris will be with you. If you need me, come find me. I'll be around here somewhere," he tells me as he plants a swift kiss on my lips as he leaves. 

Chris walks in and he makes a face at me. All I can do is roll my eyes and feel myself turning red. Could this be anymore embarrassing other than when it happened. Geeze, hes making a big deal out of this. 

"Will you stop it, its more than I can handle," I beg with frustration radiating off me. 
He starts to laugh. Laugh hard at that. I'm about ready to knock him out, best friend or not. "Chris," I shout. 
"All right, keep your clothes on," he says as he laughs some  more.

His laugh is infectious and now I find myself laughing with him. 
"Seriously, please don't tell anyone," I beg. "Emily, will you stop. I think its great. You two are great together. I just wish you two could be together in the open," he says. 
"Oh my, well I hope that someday I can get the law fixed so I can, I will be talking to my parents soon, but not yet. I got to think of something to persuade them," I tell him. 

"Well I hope its soon, before you two are found out," he tells me.  "Where is Dimitri?" I ask. "Hes outback," he says. "Well I'm going to go and see him before my parents get back, you know where to find me if you need me," I tell Chris as I leave. 
I find Dimitri out back just as Chris has told me. He seems deep in thought. Not the whole meditating way either. I sit down in front of him. "What's wrong?" I ask. "Oh its nothing to concern yourself with," he replies dryly. "Everything that involves you concerns me. Do you not trust me enough to tell me," I ask. 
I know how to get his attention. I lean over to where my lips are almost touching his ear. "Tell me, I whisper as I make my warm breath touch his ear. I almost start giggling when I see a chill run down him. "You don't play fair," he whispers.

He jumps up and leaps at me taking me by surprise. I squill out in shock. He starts tickling me. A relentless tickle. I howl out in laughter.

"So you want my attention, you got it," he laughs. "Oh please stop," I beg as he unleashes another wave of tickles.
"Please, please," I gasp between my laughs. I trying to wiggle out of his arms but he's too strong. Finally he stops. "Lets eat," he says as he grabs my hand to lead me into the house.
We're sitting eating and I can't help but grin at him. He's never been that playful with me. It was too much fun. "So are you going to tell me what was on your mind," I ask him. He pauses....."Emily, not now," he begs. I can see he's not up for discussing it, so I leave it alone as I start eating again.
After we eat I head outside as the rain begins. I can't help but want to play in it. It feels good to feel like a kid again. I frown when a memory hit me of how Hanna and I use to play out in the rain. Oh what a happier time. I miss her terribly. 
"Emily! Where is Dimitri or Chris," my father shouts at me, making me jump.

I can't help but suppress my giggle. He looks so mad at me but I can only point over to where Dimitri is smiling while talking to Cheyanne. He visually relaxes as he walks back into the house.
I walk over to where Dimitri and Cheyanne are talking. They are laughing and joking. I hope they are not talking about me. This should be a fun filled day getting to hang with Dimitri, Cheyanne, Chris and Sandy. 
 As it stops raining the sun has finally come out, we are all relaxing by the pool. This is heavenly to relax with my friends and feel for once a bit of peace. 
Dimitri is on the diving board and all looking hot in those shorts he's wearing. He starts at the end and with a short run he jumps leaping into the pool. I'm almost overtaken by the wave he left in is wake. 
He surfaces only a few feet away from me. Oh he looks so good all wet. His muscles flex and ripple down his arms as he swims. I just want to pull him to me. His arm brushes me sending electricity through me as he swims by me. I know its on purpose and it makes it all the more thrilling. He knows what hes doing to me. I can play this game too. 
I jump out of the pool and Dimitri follows me. Now lets play this game. I turn and just look at him. "Emily, what are you thinking," he looks at me with a smile.
I go to touch him. He doesn't stop me completely but gives me the what are you doing look. "Me? I'm not doing anything," I tell him as my fingers run down the side of his chest. "Humm," he groans. 

Then I run my other hand down his arm. He smiles but says nothing. He then barely brushes my skin with a small innocent touch that no one would ever second guess. I know he's up for playing this game. I can tell by looking a him. His eyes alone give away his desire for me.   

I turn and dart off. "Catch me if you can," I call out to him as I giggle. "Oh I think that I can do," he dashes toward me making me squeal and run faster.

I must have been kidding myself. He grabs me and takes me to the ground in a matter of seconds. I didn't have a chance. He unleashes those fingers in my sides making me squirm and laugh.

Oh my, hes taking no prisoners. I can't hardly take it. He's so playful. I love playful Dimitri. I throw my head back laughing as he unleashes more tickling. He really likes to tickle.
After he lets me up I take off into the house and grab the first pillow I can find and swing. It misses Dimitri as he grabs one as I dart around the kitchen. We are having a pillow fight in the middle of the kitchen. Dimitri whacks me and feathers go flying.

I only get a few shots in as he nails me with the pillow again. Oh my hes too good at this. I have to stop because I'm now laughing too hard to even continue. 
Cheyanne walks in as we just called a truce to our brutal assaults on each other involving pillows. 

"Better wrap it up, your parents are back," Cheyanne informs us. Dimitri gives me a smile and then heads out leaving me with Cheyanne. "See you later," he calls to me.

"Today was the best. I had so much fun. I wish this could be everyday. I hate these laws," I tell Cheyanne. 

"See, I told you Emily, I can work around it. You guys are adorable together. I'm so happy to see you this happy and in love," she tells me. "I'm sure that it will happen one day," she adds.

"Your parents should be proud to have you with Dimitri, hes a catch and well the whole entire package really," she says. "You are the best," I tell Cheyanne as I hug her.