Friday, January 18, 2013

Intimate Encounter - Chapter Eleven

Dimitri kept to his word. Within a few days we were back home. My mood had improved greatly. "Thank you for talking my parents into letting us come home," I tell Dimitri. He looks over at me with a grin, "Anything for you, I told your parents we would never leave your side. I think that did the trick," he says between bites of his waffles. I like it when he's playful and not so serious.

Up in my old room, I work on my school assignments on line. Mom and dad won't let me out of the house now. Sandy for the most part stays with me while I'm studying or in my room. She doesn't complain at all. I think she uses the time to catch up on her reading. Oh how she loves a good book. 

After I get done with my work I call my best friend, Chyanne to come over. I'm so happy to see her when she arrives. We sit outside in the cool air on the front steps away from everyone. I know Chris is not to far off since my dad had made me promise even at home to not be by myself. "How's school and all our friends?" I ask. "It's all the same, boring if you ask me. Everyone is all tore up with the disappearance of Hanna. Its got everyone scared," she explains.
 "How was your trip? You guys were not one very long," she asks. "It was really beautiful there, but I got homesick so I came home. I didn't want to tell her about my nightmares. I decided to just keep that between me and Dimitri. I didn't want to crush anyone's hopes that she was still alive."Yeah I can't even sleep by myself. Sandy has a bed in my room now and its kind of weird. I would settle for Dimitri in my bed," I giggle.
"I'm sure, you would," she giggles. "You really have it bad for him. Dose he know how you feel about him?" she asks. I give it some thought. Well he knows I like him, but I don't think he knows that I'm in love with him," I reply with a little bit of embarrassment.  "I wonder sometimes if you are to attached to him. You know your parents won't let you be with him. It still makes me wonder why you have taken it as far as you have. Don't get me wrong, Emily. But it just seems like your wasting part of your life on someone that clearly doesn't want a relationship," she says. Wow that was a shock to my system being told by my best friend. "It will never be a waste of my life. I will find a way to be with him even if they have to make it a new law. He's my world," I reply. "I do hope so. You need to tell him how you feel so you guys can light this flame or put it out. If he doesn't want a relationship, you need to move on and find someone that dose that you can be happy with. I mean it, Emily. I don't want anything bad happening to you," she tells me as she hugs me tight.
What Chyanne told me earlier today was true. I need to tell him how I feel.  Its driving me crazy. I made sure to tell Sandy where I was going so she wouldn't worry. Lucky me, she agreed. It's late and I find myself up in his room. I made sure to glide along without making any sound when I came in. After that first kiss we shared was only fuel to my desire. I stood there watching him sleep, so peaceful and sound.

I couldn't stop myself. I hovered over the bed to get a closer look at his face. I had to see him up close. He looked just like he did when we were in China. I don't need to worry about what I need to say to him, or what he's saying to me. And that's when I made a mistake. I reached out and stroked a strand of  his wonderful dark hair from around his eye. Oh his skin was so warm and his breathing was so steady.
Then he stirs, I've startled him. He sits up not in shock or scared, but as if he already knew it was me. He looks over at me just staring at him as I sit across the bed from him.

He gets out of bed and I quickly follow. The look he gives me is heartbreaking. I just knew he was going to reject me again. I don't think I can handle it. I crumbled at the foot of his bed into the floor. He knels down in front of me. With such seriousness in his voice, "Emily, what are you doing?" he askes. "I can't stand it, I just had to...........," I trail off starting to mumble with nonsense.

"Why are you making this so hard?" he asks with strain in his voice. "Because, I think I'm in love with you," I reply almost in a whisper. Dimitri's eyes are deep and so serious. He doesn't respond but he doesn't look shocked either by my response.
He swiftly stands pulling me up out of the floor as he goes."We can't....." he starts to tell me as I move against his warm chest. Cupping his face with my hands I pull his lips to mine. It was difficult being he's taller, and well I'm short to a degree, I flutter my wings to pull me up to reach him.

Oh how his lips burn against mine. Gentle but eager at the same time. It's was intoxicating. I thought for sure that our first kiss was more amazing than I would ever experience, but this is so much more.

He pulls me to him, kissing me with a much more fierceness. His hands slide along my skin like electricity shooting to wake every nerve in my body.
Then in one swift motion he pulls me up and wraps me around him. I feel his bear chest against my inner thighs, which almost make me combust. My stomach becomes queasy as the butterfly's dance from the closeness of our body's.
Oh his lips take me hostage, nothing existing but me and him. I could feel his breathing pick up as he holds me tightly against him.
Then he moves me to the bed. Keeping me wrapped around him while situating me on the bed. Our lips never part, but only became more hungry with desire.
His hands ran from my calf up to my bare thigh, I began to tremble with excitement but with a little bit of nervousness. I had never been with a man like this before and in this moment, it all seemed so right.

He climbs on top of me kissing me on my neck and around my ears. Breathing heavy while I try to control myself from giving away to much of my pleasure of his touch. A few moans escape my lips and I can see how it thrills him.

His lips pull away as he rolls off me. It was like he's ripping something away from me, but then he slides close to my side pulling me against him as he brushes my hair from my face.

Saying nothing he studies me for what seemed like a long time. His eyes burning within my soul, I want him, all of him. I want his body to take control of mine. "Do you want me?" I finally ask him. "I've always wanted you," he replies. This is a shock to actually hear from him. My thoughts start to scramble.

"Do you love me?" I ask. He looks at me with such seriousness, you don't need me to answer that, you already know it. I had already made my decision. My body on fire for his touch. This was it, this is the moment I have dreamed of my whole life. He brings his lips down to mine with such gentleness.

Dimitri's so gentle. He takes his time rolling on top of me, pulling me to him. I cling to him as his arms wrap around me. I can feel his fingertips run down my back to the small of my back leaving chill bumps in their wake. Making my body sing with such intensity I start to dig my nails into his back. He flinches,"naughty girl," he says with a wicked smile. He steadies himself as he starts to undress me. My nerve endings are on fire. With one hand he starts to remove my underwear as I try to slid his pj pants off.

Then without warning I hear. "Oh shit, guys I'm so sorry." All I could do is stop and look up. Dimitri was right there, almost.

It's Chris. He's turned his back to us. I hold poor Dmitri down to cover me from being exposed. "I'll be om................down the hall. The king needs you Dimitri. I'm really truly sorry guys. I didn't mean..........," he was now rambling. "I...didn't see anything," he manages to get out as he leaves the room and shuts the door behind him. I'm mortified, embarrassed and turned on. But that's enough to end the moment.

"I've got to go baby," he whispered as he pulls me to him, embracing me with a gentle kiss. Oh those kisses I can't get enough of. "I will see you soon, no one is to know about us," he tells me. "So there is an us!" I say with a grin spreading along my lips. "Yes, if you still want me. I'll be yours. I can't resist you anymore, Emily. I love you and even though I've tried not to let myself fall for you, I did. Just don't forget you can't let anyone know of us, you will have to pretend we are just guardian and princess," he grins. "I can do that," I reply as I gave him another kiss.
Heading down stairs I make my way to my room. Sandy is asleep when I enter. I closed my eyes trying to hold onto those moments I just had with Dimitri. I can still taste his lips on mine. His skin so warm against mine. And those hands, those wonderful hands that caressed my skin that makes me come to life. I'm already missing him. I just have to make myself content until I can be with him again.


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    Ashby AKA Jen

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