Monday, January 14, 2013

The Trip To China - Chapter Ten

I went to my room to prepare to travel to who knows were. No one will tell me where we are going. All I knew was it was going to be me, Dimitri and Chris. I know they are sending me away to protect me. With no word on my sister, they were not going to take any chances with something happening to me as well.

When we arrived its all breath taking. The mountains were beautiful with all the natural waterfalls. I never imagined I would end up in china.

Dimitri takes me to where he was trained in his martial arts when he was younger. This should be so exciting to see.

I even practiced on a wooden dummy as Dimitri showed me how to kick without taking off my foot.

After a long day of sight seeing I decided to call it a night. Dimitri and Chris are in the room next to mine. After washing up I try to settle down into bed. Laying in bed my mind races with everything that's going on. I had a sort of normal life and now it was a total mess. After what seems like a hour I drifted off to sleep.

Jolted from a horrible dream I wake myself up screaming. Tears streaming down my face I find that I can hardly breath. My skins crawling with goose bumps as my body is covered in a mist of sweet.

Dimitri comes busting into the room in a panic. Running over to the bed he takes my hands into his. “Whats wrong?” he asked with a worried look on his face. I set there speechless, I can't even speak.

“Emily!” Dimitri calls out to me. It finally snaps me out of my daze that the nightmare left me in. “My sister,” is all I can manage to get out.

I pull my legs up to my chest as I began to cry again. I can't even speak it. I don't want it to be true. Dimitri sets down beside me as he tries to comfort me. “Emily, please tell me why you are crying.” he whispers. She's gone, she's dead. I can feel it. Part of my soul has been ripped out. I didn't think that I could feel her, but I can. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like part of me was just tore away. In my dream I could hear her cry's for help, and no one was there to help her. They killed her,” I sobbed. “Who killed her?” he asks. “I don’t know who they are. They are monsters. All I could see was these horrible red eyes that stared at her as her life slipped away from her,” I replied.

Pulling me to him, I wrap my arms around him, resting my head on his belly. He cradles my head, while stroking my hair as I lay there and cry silently. I know he's trying to reassure me that it was just a bad nightmare, but deep down inside I know my dream was real.

After a while I must have dozed off again. Dimitri holds me the whole time. He never leaves my side which was more comfort to me than I realized was possible.

My eyes slowly open. I find Dimitri wrapped around me. He must have fell asleep after a while. I'm shocked at how close we are. He has me pulled against his body with his arms are around me. His head is resting on my shoulder and I can feel his steady breathing on my neck. His long lean body is pressed right up against me, which is making my stomach all jittery inside. I've never felt this way with no one else before, and yet it feels so right him holding me. It reminds me of when he held me the first time in his arms when we kissed in his room. I fight the urge to roll over and kiss him.  I find myself yearning for his lips again. At this moment I can actually feel a little bit of comfort from my broken soul.

I can't sleep anymore and I didn't want to disturb Dimitri. He looks so peaceful. Hes always worrying about me. I go out onto the balcony to try to regain my thoughts. Outside its still dark and the only sound is nature. I can even hear a waterfall not so far away. 

Hanna where are you, what's happened to you. Please don't let my worse fears be true. I sob silently. When I return to my room, Dimitri is already gone so I try to shove aside my thoughts and get dressed. 
I crumble to the floor in a fit of tears again. I'm sobbing when Dimitri's soft voice makes me open my eyes. "You ok," he asks. Hes knelling in front of me with worry all over him. 

"I can't shake this feeling, I'm far away from home, Hanna is god knows where," I trail off.

"Emily, I will protect you, if you want to go home we can in a little bit. I won't let anything bad happen to you," he says softly as he put his hands on my shoulders. 

"Come, Let's get you off this floor and something to eat," he says as he pulls me to my feet. I can't even think of food right now, and I know he won't let me argue with him either. 

"I'll make a call and see when we can come home. You know your father cares for you. He wants you safe, and so do I. It would kill me...........," he trails off. My mouth goes slack as my mind goes blank. Did he just confess something to me that he didn't want me to know. "Just be patient, and let us worry about this stuff. Your safe," he reassures me. 


  1. that was an Amazing chapter, hey Jamee remember me i'm the gurl with the awesome blog :) hahaha, anyway i was wandering if you could read my "Jennifer Duncan story" thanks :)

  2. I hope her nightmare isn't true. I really liked Hannah too!

    The way you described Emily's feelings: "Part of her soul was ripped out!" That is the way it feels when someone you love dies.

    Dimitri almost revealed his true feelings for Emily, but he really doesn't have to say it. His feelings for her are very clear.

    Another great chapter!

  3. This is all so emotional. What is going on? Hanna can not be dead..


    Ashby AKA Jen