Friday, February 22, 2013

When Worlds Collide - Chapter Sixteen

"Thank you for a most memorable shopping trip," I giggle as he bends down to kiss my hand. "You are most welcome. I will see you in a bit," he says as he turns and heads into the house. 

I set out on a mission to find my mother. I have to try to see if I can be with Dimitri. "Mom," I call out to her when I see her. "Emily, how was your shopping trip?" she asks. I bet I blush as I recall the time I had with Dimitri before we really went shopping. "Good," I mumble. I try to regain myself while I find the words to tell my mother my feelings and my ideas on Dimitri and my future plans. "Mom, I want to ask you something. I want to know first if the laws are firm on me being with a fairy?" I ask as I prepare for the answer and her curiosity for me asking.  

"Well, our family line is based on fairy's being with their own kind. And the royal bloodline being pure. Why do you ask?" she smiles. Oh here goes nothing. I take a deep breath. "Mom, I want to know if I can be with someone that is not a prince or fairy," I whisper. Her look alone tells me that she's shocked by my question. "I think I know what you are asking, but I need to know who he is," she demands. Oh no.

I know by this point I look mortified as I try find my voice. "Dimitri," I whisper to the point that I can bearally hear myself. My mothers eyes grow wide and I'm scared at what she thinks. She stands there almost silent. It's killing me.   

"Emily, you are young and well he's your guardian. Your not suppose to date your guardian's or non fairy's  How dose he feel about you?" she asks. Oh this is going to backfire I can feel it. I look down at the ground as I know my face is probably pail.

Here goes nothing. "I love him, and he loves me," I choke out. "Emily! What were you thinking, and what was he thinking. He's much older than you and your guardian," she shouts. Oh this isn't good. "But mom, I don't think there is a better person for me. He is half fairy, just not royal," I plead. "I'm not sure what your father is going to say to this. Dimitri is one special person, one that he may change the rules for. But I will have to talk to him first. You know if he says no you can no longer see him like that. He will be sent away at your fathers request. I hope you get your wish, I want to see you happy, but I don't make the decisions for him. I will speak to him this evening on the matter. But until then, you must not let anyone else know of this matter. Do you understand?" she tells me. Oh this is good news. I'm almost jumping up and down, but then it hits me. If my father doesn't want me with Dimitri he can send him away. My heart almost stops as my breathing becomes hard. "Ok," I reply as I head downstairs to call Chyanne.

I pull out my phone and dial her number. "Hey Chyanne! I told my mother," I spit out. She gasps and then there is silence for a moment. "Yeah, she's going to talk to my father about it, oh I hope he let's me be with him. Can you come over?" I ask. "Yeah I'll be right over as soon as I can," she replies. I hang up the phone and decide on getting my homework done so I can be prepared for my fathers decision a little later. 

I've managed to get my homework done and head downstairs to wait on Chyanne. She should be here any minute. I'm washing my hands when....................................

I hear crashing sounds coming from the living room. I can hear shouting and furniture breaking. My hearts racing as I follow the sound.

When I arrive in the doorway I almost run right into Chris. As I take in the scene, I'm horrified. I'm frozen in my tracks when I know I should be running from this nightmare.

I try to take in the scene when my heart stops, there's Dimitri across the room, he's in full battle mode. He's fighting someone that I have never seen before. I can't get a good look at the guy. His back is facing me. I can only see Dimitri and his determined face as he fights.

  Hes' good, but the guy he's fighting is indescribable.   The guy moves with such ease and speed. Lord is he fast. It's so unnatural. I have never seen anything like it before. 

Dimitri takes a vicious kick from the guy, that sends him back several feet. He staggers as he tries to keep from falling down. 

"Oh no," I cry out. Cheyanne is being chocked by Luke. Why? What! He's alive! Where has he been? Hanna? At this moment I can feel the blood drain from my face as my knees go weak. 

I shake my head trying to wake up from this nightmare and when I open my eyes I realize this is not a nightmare, it's happening now. I'm trying to grasp what's going on and why Luke is chocking Cheyanne. 

    Then I notice the red eyes, and the teeth. Night Walkers screams loud in my head as my skin prickles with fear.

Only a few feet away from Luke and Chyanne, Dimitri is trying to fight off that guy. They are almost deadlocked. There skills are so close its scary. 

Then Dimitri hits the floor with a loud thud as he grabs his ribs. Get up, Please get up. Oh God, please get up. I can't loose him now. We are so close to being able to be together. He can't die like Lilly did. No! I can feel the tears start to run down my cheeks as I try not to scream. I can't distract him. It almost got him killed last time he faced them. 

I stare in horror as the guy approaches Dimitri. He's going to finish him off. I can't watch, but I can't take my eyes off them either. With amazing ability, Dimitri spins around and knocks the guys feet out from under him. I breath a small sigh as my tears still run down my cheeks. 

Then suddenly Luke has Chyanne on the floor. She lays lifeless on the floor as he sinks his teeth into the flesh of her neck. My stomach jumps as I almost throw up. There's blood, and a lot of it. I grab my chest as I loose all my air out of my lungs. No, I cry silently. I'm heaving large chest wrenching sobs now. 

As I stare at Dimitri, Chyanne and Luke something catches my eye. I gasp as I see my father laying in a pool of blood. His eyes are open with a eerie stare. He's still alive. His life force is still there. I know it will be only a matter of time before he's gone. There's too much blood. I want to run over to him, but I can't move. I'm frozen with such fear I can't even run from this. 

Then his wings disappear. My heart stops as I watch my father die in front of me. Scalding tears run down my face. "Daddy," I sob.

My mother is not far away from him. "No" I scream. I don't think anyone even notices my screams. There is so much chaos in the room. So much blood................

She's already gone...........My thoughts are scattered and my heart is going to jump out of my chest. My skin is crawling with fear. My chest is on fire and I find that I can no longer breath.

I watch as it all unfolds in slow motion before my eyes. I'm helpless to help anyone. A blonde woman grabs Chris pulling him to her as she delivers vicious blows to his body. Dimitri has recovered and is now on his feet again. He's able to get a few kicks in with the creepy guy. 

Dimitri delivers a few more kicks that finally send the creepy guy backwards. I feel that there might be some hope in surviving this nightmare in one piece. 

Chris is once more hit hard knocking the wind out of his body. I wish I could help him but I'm frozen in fear and shock. 

Chris is pulled into a choke hold by a stunning, beautiful women who is staring at me. Her gaze is cold as ice and she's holding Chris like it's nothing. Her red eyes give her away. They are red like them.

I pull my eyes away to see that Luke has finished with Chyanne and her body lays lifeless on the floor. She's gone, this is too much. She lays there motionless and pale with blood running down her neck.  I gasp, trying desperately to pull some air into my lungs between the sobs.

With speed Luke has got Dimitri in a head lock while the other guy is attacking him. I can see that Luke is cutting off Dimitri's air as he starts to go limp. "Noooooooo," I scream. Dimitri tries to turn his head to look at me, but he can't. His eyes start to roll in the back of his head. 

 Something catches my eye to the left of the room. When I look up I gasp, "Hanna". No it can't be, she's dead. Looking at her as she comes closer, I see why I felt the way I did. "She is dead!" I gasp. She's a Night Walker! Where has she been this whole time? My heart sinks. I burst into another fit of tears. I can feel my inner strength evaporating. I'm getting light headed and my knees are threatening to give out. I know I can't give into it. Not now. 

 Dimitri is half unconscious laying on the floor. "Finish him," the blonde calls out. Does she mean Dimitri?  Can Hanna do this? She knows how much I love him. Can she wound me any further. She pulls him up by his throat pulling him upright. He's barely hanging on. I have never seen Dimitri this vulnerable. He said they were strong but I never had any idea how strong they were. "Please no, Hanna I love him. Don't do this," I beg.

She looks at me with her cold red eyes. "It's better I do it, he won't suffer. I will be quick." she says with coldness in her menacing voice.

She pays me no mind as I plead once again,"Please no". Before I can take another step, she sinks her teeth into his neck. I can hear her fangs pierce his skin. He let's out a muffled, straggled gasp. He's growing weaker. He's body relaxes as he starts to sink into unconsciousness. I can't watch any more. I sink to the floor giving up.

He's dying in front of me, the love of my life by my own sisters hands. I have lost sight of what is happening around me. Only to be shaken by reality when I hear his body hit the floor.

 I crawl over to Dimitri. His eyes are open and he's not breathing. "Please don't die," I whisper as I stroke his cheek. My heart can't take no more.

"I love you, please don't leave me here all alone," I beg him. His eyes are lifeless. He just stares ahead. My fingers trace his lovely lips as his ghostly stare rips at me more. 

I'm vaguely aware that someone is pulling on me. I hear Chris's voice but can't make out what he's saying. He's wrapping his arms around me trying to pull me from Dimitri.

"Get up! You have to move," he shouts at me. I can't move, my whole body has shut down, I can no longer think. I'm numb all over.

With blunt force, me and Chris are thrown down to the floor. There is blood everywhere. I close my eyes knowing this is it. I'm going to die. I try to prepare myself for my final moment. 

As the room grows louder, I look up to see Sandy and two other guards fighting. This will only mean more lives that will be lost. 

They seem to be making progress but I can't watch. It will only be a matter of minutes before they are killed. They are too fast and deadly. We were never a match for them. Just like Dimitri had told me only a few hours before.

Chris pulls me up from the floor. "No, leave me," I scream as more scalding tears run down my face.

Chris doesn't give up, he's dragging me out of the room as I try to run back.

"Emily, he's gone. They are all gone. I can't let you die too. I told your father that I would protect you. "NOW MOVE!" he screams at me again.

As I'm pulled out screaming, I look back in horror at Hanna just staring at me with a cold look. She makes no move to come after us. Like she's wanting us to escape or is it that she will have someone to hunt. How could she do this? With unfounded horror, realization hits me.  She was the one who let them in..................................

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jealousy - Chapter Fourteen

My mother wants me to meet with a dear friend of hers that come to see her. We all gathered in the living area as she arrives. She's beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes. She seems kind and very sweet. She's much younger than my mother, if I was to guess I would say she was in her late twenties.
 I stood quiet while they talked to each other. They were getting caught up with all the stuff they had missed out on.  "So who is the guy with the dark hair?" she asks as she looks gestures across the room. My mouth must have droped to the ground when I realized she was talking about Dimitri that was standing over across the room talking to Chris. My mom smiles, "That's Dimitri, my daughters head guardian".

"Oh so that's Dimitri, I have heard so much about him. Is he single?" she asks with a grin on her face. "Why as far as I know, Dimitri is single. I think you should introduce yourself to him," she tells her.  I have to turn my back so they cant see my face. I'm about ready to freak out. 

Ann walks over to talk to Dimitri, She's going to do it, she's going to try to get Dimitri to go out with her. Ugg this is unreal. They are exchanging words as my mother trys to get my attention. "I think Ann might be interested in Dimitri, I think that would be sweet if they got together," she tells me as my stomach lerches as the bile rises in my throat. I think I'm about ready to be sick. 

If she only knew how I felt for Dimitri, would she be talking about hooking him up with her. I'm trying to keep calm and not show any emotions but I'm finding it really hard. I feel the blood drain from my face as I know I have stopped breathing. And in the corner of my eye I can see Ann and Dimitri talking and actually getting along. No, no this is not happening. Get away from him, I scream in my head. 

"I don't think that would be wise, I don't think hes one for a relationship. Besides he's my guardian!  He's got to be with me and that wouldn't leave much time for a relationship," I choke out to my mother. She seems a little shocked at my response. "Emily, we can always get new guards, I think he has proven himself and should be happy. He's young and shouldn't be alone all his life. Just because they are guards doesn't mean they can't have family's too. They would be set on a schedule instead of being around here all the time. They can choose to live close or have a apartment on the grounds, " she replies to me. 

 "Dimitri has been here for me for a long time. I'm sure if he wanted that he would have let you guys know. And with Hanna being taken, I need a lot of protection. Especially Dimitri, he's the best," I plead. "Oh Emily, don't worry we will double it if we have to. I would not let anything happen to you," she says. I wanted to blurt out about how I want them to let me and him to be together despite the laws but I can see this is going to blow it all up in my face. I got to find another way.

As I go to leave with Dimitri my mother calls out to him to stay for a few moments. I have to keep walking as I shoot a look back to Dimtri who gives me the look of "I have no idea what this is about". My heart sinks because deep down I know. 

As my mother, Ann and Dimitri talk together I find myself about ready to loose it. I realize I got to get out of this room before I really scream. I'm almost a caged animal at this point. I'm in panic mode and I have to get away from everyone at this moment. I look around and see the door, my exit. I look over to Chris and motion for him to follow and give Sandy a signal that I will only be needing Chris. 

I manage to dart out the door and the cool air feels so good. I start walking and I know Chris can sense something is wrong with me. He says nothing but follows a few feet behind me. I'm so glad that he leaves me to my thoughts. 

The first place I manage to get to is the gym. Its kinda empty most of the time besides the guards using it. And I know it should be empty right now. I can't let anyone see me fall apart as I know I'm about ready to do. Chris follows me in and just stands there. "Emily, What's wrong?" he finally asks. 

This Ann girl, she wants Dimitri. And when I say she wants him, she wants to date him. My mother even thinks it would be a good idea. Thats what they are talking about right now," I shout out. 

"Emily, you don't have anything to worry about. Dimitri is head over heals in love with you," he tells me. 

"But what if she can give him the life he's always wanted. The one he doesn't have to hide. He can even get married and have kids. I would have to watch them together," I cry. "Yes he's not one for many relationships I give you that. But Dimitri is one for a one women love. Whether you know it or not, you have stolen his heart. He wont even be tempted by it. Trust me, he's not going to leave you," he tries to reassure me. 

There they are, my parents, Dimitri, Sandy and Ann. I can't even join them. To watch my parents try to help Ann hook up with Dimitri is just heartbreaking. I wish I could tell my mom. She would love to hear that her daughter found her soul mate. But I can't, they would for sure send Dimitri away. 

So I go to hide my tears. I slump to the floor. Curling up I sob silently. Chris starts to come in and sees how broken I am. I guess he doesn't want to disturb me so he stays outside by the door. 

As I cry more tears I'm unaware that Dimitri is crouched in front of me. "Emily, why are you crying?" he whispers. I gently wipe the tears from my cheeks and choke back a sob. "My parents..................., they want you and Ann together. She told me you two would make a good couple. That you guys could live..................," I cry out as tears run down my face once more. 

I put my head down as the tears run once more down my cheeks. "So this is why you are upset, you think I would leave you and be with her?" he asks as he places a kiss in my hair. "Yes," I sniff. "Baby, you don't have to worry about that. She may want me, but I don't want her. It's you I want, you're the one I love," he whispers into my hair. 

My tears finally stop and I manage to crawl over to Dimitri and place a kiss on his sweet lips. 

"I told them no if that makes you feel better. You would have loved to seen their faces," he grins. 

He pulls me up from the floor as he wraps his arms around me. "You told her no?!" I say. "Yep she was persistant and even your mom tried to talk me into it, but they understood that was something I didn't want right now, as far as they are concerned. As far as you and I, I'm already taken," he smirks at me. 

Well then I know what I need to do, I need to try to talk my parents into passing a law so we can be together," I tell him. Dimitri eyes shoot to mine. You know they might change it a little, but I'm a guardian, your guardian they wont allow it," he says. "Well I can always try, if not when I leave home your coming with me," I smile at him. 

When I walk outside there is Ann again. She is really starting to get on my nerves. I don't walk over to them but get close enough to overhear what they are saying. "So you wont even consider my offer," she asks Dimitri. She's relentless, she's not going to take no for a answer. 

"Listen Ann, I can't take your offer, I don't want a relationship, my place is here with Emily and her family," he tells her. 

She moves close and touches him. Shes flirting with him. She has no shame does she? I'm about ready to walk over to her and knock the crap out of her. "He's mine!" I grumble under my breath. Dimitri pulls away and makes a god awful face. I'm almost laughing as she gasps and her mouth hits the floor.

"No Ann. I don't think I have made myself clear. I don't want a relationship with you. Please don't do that again!", Dimitri hisses at her. Ann's face falls and I'm about ready to laugh out loud now. I turn to hide my face as a giggle about erupts. "I just don't see why," she says as she looks defeated. 

I can't help myself. I run up to Dimitri and launch myself onto his back taking him by surprise. I'm giggling and being playful. I wrap myself around him as he grabs my legs to keep me from sliding off his back. "Lets go shopping," I ask so she can hear me. Dimitri starts to walk away still carrying me. "I know what your doing Emily," he says as he laughs softly. "Who me, I would never," I giggle. 

"Don't play innocent. You know what your doing. I don't mind. She was starting to get on my nerves," he says. "Well I can remember a time when I was harassing you," I tell Dimitri as I frown at the memory. "You were not annoying. I wanted you, that was the problem, and I still do," he tells me as he smiles his big smile. "Now how about that shopping." he says as we head back toward the house.