Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Time - Chapter Thirteen

Warning! Contains Adult Content
"Come on slow poke," he calls out to me as we head down toward the beach. A day with just Dimitri at the beach. I can barely contain my excitement. We have had little time alone together. Well it's been almost nonexistent since our last encounter in his room. Ever since he told me that he loved me, I've been on cloud nine. I hate acting like were princess and guardian as he put it. It still makes me giggle when I think about it.

We are almost down to the shore when he stops. The view is breathtaking. Well both views, I grin. He takes my hand and leads me down another path that's high with tall grass. He stops and turns to me.

I can't take it anymore. I launch myself at him grabbing him around his neck. I pull him hard to me crushing his lips to mine. Oh his lips so warm and yearning for me. I put all the times that I have wanted to hold him, kiss him into this one embrace. Its been hard every time I've seen him, not to run into his arms. Now that were away from everyone he's mine, all mine. 

We kissed each other with hungry kisses like our lives depended on it. His warm lips possessed mine. My body pooling with desire as he pulls me closer. 

Pulling me down to the ground, Dimitri pulls me against his body. Snaking his arms around me he holds me close. I can feel the warmth of his body radiating from his body. I meet his lips with mine, as he leans over me. 

Our lips have been entwined the whole time. My heart begins to pound as my body heats up. Is this it, is this going to be my first time. Is he going to make love to me, here in this moment. I so hope so, I want him badly. 

 Breaking away from my lips Dimitri looks up at me with those brown eyes that melted every inch of me. Not moving we hold each others gaze.

"Are you real? Are you really mine?" I whisper as I rub my fingers down his jaw that tickles me with his stubble. Oh how I love this man.
"Yes, I'm real and yours. You have my heart, Emily.

Without another moment, he pulls me to him again as he runs his lips down my jaw to my neck. Oh wow, this is almost to much for me to handle. My body is responding to his every touch as he makes his way down my neck.

I'm squirming with need in his arms as he tightens his grip to hold me still. "Ugg," I groan as he nips my earlobe. I can feel his smile against my neck as he heads once again down my neck .

Then he lays me back into the warm sand. Kissing me tender with feather light kisses that travel down my jaw to my neck again. His hands so gently run down my neck as they caress me sending my nerve endings on fire. My whole skin is set on fire by his touch. Slowly he unties my bathing suit top ridding me of it with no effort at all. He hooks his fingers into the side of my bikini bottoms and pulls them off placing them beside my bikini top that lays in the sand beside us. Next he removes his shorts and underwear leaving us both naked. The sun is bathing us in warmth and a cool breeze blows in from the sea. 

Pulling me up onto his lap, he plants more kisses down my neck, then to my breast. Oh my, my breath catches and I stop breathing all together as he assaults them with kisses and tugs them with his fingers. Taking one in his hand, he gasps gently. I throw my head back as a moan escapes my lips. I'm all sensation, squirming from the pleasure that's taking my body hostage. 

I'm on fire and my body is begging for him. I can't take much more. "Please make love to me," I beg. I can feel him grin at my neck as he plants more kisses running up my neck to my lips.

Leaning me back he takes me, gentle and slow. A sharp pain hits me as he starts. I grip him tight as I fight back the tears. After a few moments it starts to feel different. He takes his time, going slow and easy. "You ok?" he whispers as he stops. "Yes, please don't stop," I beg as I hold on to him.

He picks up his pace and soon I'm so overtaken by pleasure that it's almost painful again. I let out a moan that's followed by a sensation that rips through my body. I tense and cry out even louder as I close my eyes and let my body take me to places I never knew existed before. 

He slows to let me regain myself. As I return to my body he continues with his sweet love making. I never thought it could be like this, feel this good. 

 Laying me back onto the sand Dimitri takes me with more thrusts that drive me to the edge again. I'm all moans and staggered breathing. I cry out as I fall apart again as I grip to him for dear life. I'm only vaguely aware that Dimitri moans out as he stills and then stops.

I'm finally coming back to reality again when I look up to see Dimitri with a grin on his face. "I didn't hurt you did I?" he asks. "I can't help but giggle. I've got all kinds of emotions going on that I can't hardly contain myself as I'm panting and all out of breath. I want to laugh, cry, giggle. It's all there. "Emily, are you ok," he repeats. "No I'm fine." I reply with a big grin on my face.

Rolling to his side, I sit up beside him. "How did you know?" I ask. "It was your body that told me, you fell apart so fast, your lack of experience. Right before I started, you were trembling. So I automatically thought that you were inexperienced. I wanted to make sure so I didn't hurt you. When we started I knew immediately," he replies as he closes his eyes as if he's recalling the memory again. Oh my, he knew. Wow he must be experienced in this if he knew by just my body. The thought depresses me. Thinking of others he might have been with.

I gather my bikini and dress as he pulls his shorts back on. Laying back in the sand I trail my fingers through his chest hair. I can't help the jealousy I feel. "How many?" I ask. He looks at me with a frown, "What do you mean?" he asks. "How many others before me?" I ask in a whisper this time. I'm almost embarrassed, and now I wish I hadn't asked. "Oh, Emily. Are you jealous." he laughs. I now feel really silly for asking. He thinks I'm funny. Geeze. "Only one, I haven't had that many partners. I told you I take my job serious," he replies with a frown again on his face. "So why are you not with her anymore?" I ask. He looks almost sick. Before he can answer his phone rings.  

"Hey Chris, yeah were still swimming down on the beach. Yeah were heading back in a few. Yeah let them know," he tells Chris.

I can't tell what they are taking about, I can only guess its to do with letting my parents know where I'm at. So they can relax due to what happened to my sister which is still a mystery. "Ok, see you in a bit," he tells Chris as he hangs up the phone.

He slides his phone into his pocket and whips around pulling me to him. "Don't let your mind go wild with thoughts. I have never felt this way with anyone before. He runs his finger along my lips as I'm sure I'm dumb struck. I can't say anything. His eyes are blazing with love and desire for me. It's breath taking. Oh! What he does to me! 

"One day I will tell you about her, but not now. I want this moment to be special untainted by my past," he tells me.

"You are so special, I would give my life up for you," he whispers as he places my hand over his heart. I spread my fingers out into his chest hair. It's heavenly to feel. My heart is swelling with such love. I never knew love could be like this. I don't think I could love him anymore than I do right now.

"You give me hope. You have rescuing me from the darkness that threatened me when my sister was taken. I don't want to ever wake up from this dream if it is a dream. I want us to always be together," I tell him. "Always," he replies as those brown eyes melt me.  


  1. Awwww, I love these two, there is such an air of something really special and Magical around them both. As aways Jamee great job, and thank you so much for all your hard work and sharring it with us...

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  4. addicted to this story... Jamee your amazing :)

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