Friday, March 15, 2013

Chris's Cousin - Chapter Ninteen

"Is it safe here," I ask. "Yes no one will ever think to look for us here. We are far from court that most might not even recognize you, he says to reassure me. I know I can trust his judgment, but I'm so scared.

 As we approach the steps, a door opens and a young man comes out. He walks down the steps to meet us. Alex, this is my friend Emily. Emily, this is Alex my cousin I was telling you about," Chris says. Alex gives us a smile and then frowns when he sees our beaten body's.

Thank you for taking us in on such short notice. I really didn't know where else to turn," Chris tells Alex. Lord Chris, you look like a mess. I hope you didn't get into to much trouble," Alex tells Chris. "Come, let's get you guys inside," he says as he motions for us to follow him.

He leads us to the kitchen. "I figured you guys would be hungry so I prepared something for you. It's almost ready," he says as he gestures for us to sit. I take a seat next to Chris at the table.

I try to hide my face, I can't face anyone right now. I know I look a mess and it will only lead to more questions that I can't answer without the pain lancing through me all anew. I let my hair fall on my face to try to cover my bruised and scraped face. As Chris and Alex talk I keep quiet. I have never been away from court like this before. It feels so strange being around humans.

We all set down at the dinning room table. The food smells so good its almost carnal. I dig in, as it melts in my mouth. I suppress a groan as my stomach thanks me. I sit quiet as Chris and Alex make small talk.

"I know we look like a mess. We need to hide here for a little bit until we can get back on our feet," Chris tells Alex.  

Chris, I told you that you are always welcomed here, when your rested, you can tell me all about it. I think it can wait until your ready to talk about it. It doesn't really matter to me, I'm just glad to see you," he tells Chris. "Sounds great, I have prepared rooms for you guys. I figured you guys would be tired," he says.

"I can't thank you enough," Chis says. "It will be a breath of fresh air to have some company. It gets quite lonely here in this big house all by myself. 

"Follow me," he motions toward the doorway. Me and Chris follow Alex through the doorway that leads to a massive room with sculptures and paintings. 

It's a really big house. He must be rich. We follow Alex up a grand staircase to a second floor. 

Alex opens a door that leads to one of the bedrooms."This will be your room, Emily," he gestures around the room. It's really lovely, I have never been so glad to see a bed. "This door," he points to the right is a personal bathroom. 

"Emily if you need anything just let me or Chris know," Alex tells me as he heads out. Chris turns to me. I'll be in the next room if you need me. Are you going to be ok alone?" he asks. "I think I can manage. Go and get some sleep, you need it," I say as I try to hide the panic that threatens me. I can do this I keep telling myself.  

The walk into the bathroom. I'm shocked at how big and nice it is. Chris pokes his head into the bathroom. "Are you sure you will be ok?" he asks. "Really, I'm ok," I reply. Chris leaves and I'm now alone in the bathroom.

I walk over to the door and lock it. I strip in double time and climb into a nice hot bath. Oh its so nice. It soothes my aching body. 

After I have set in the tub till the water turned cold, I climb out wrapping a towel around myself. I walk over to the sink as I take one look in the mirror as a ghost of a person stares back at me. A broken soul that has lost all hope. I find the tears running down my cheeks as I cry once again.

I cry and cry as the memories flood me all at once. I don't know how I can survive this. I was never a strong person, and I was the only one to survive. How could this be. I couldn't help anyone. They gave their lives up for me and I'm a nobody. I don't deserve to live. I'm unworthy. I muffle my sobs so Chris and Alex wont hear me. I can't bear to talk to either one of them right now.

After I have finished crying, I pull on some clean clothes. I walk back to the bedroom and find myself alone for the first time. I can feel myself trembling with fear. I want to call for Chris but I know I must face this myself. I can't always have him looking after me. It's time that I grow up and face things for myself. I climb into bed tossing and turning. Finding my heart racing with each sound or shadow I see. My body finally gives in as I find myself in a troubled sleep. The Red Eyes! The faces, the screams. The nightmares find me.........


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