Friday, March 29, 2013

Conflict Of Interest - Chapter Twenty One

I'm bord and the guys are no fun right now. They are playing games and watching tv. "Hey Alex, you want to dance?" I ask being cute. To my surprise he takes me up on the offer.

Me and Alex are having fun dancing together. He can really dance which takes me by surprise. 

I actually find myself happy for once. I almost feel guilty about it but shrug the feelings off. When the song ends I thank Alex for the dance.

Heading to the launder room I decide to do some laundry. I finish filling the washing machine. When I turn around I see Alex. 

He takes me by surprise as he pins me to the wall. I'm so freaked out by this point that I can't figure out what to do or what to say. 

"Emily, you have me under a spell," Alex says as he holds me into place. I put my hand on his shoulder to push him off but decide against it by the look he's giving me.

"Alex what are you doing? Let me go," I say with clinched teeth. He finally lets me go and I march out of the room. I find myself standing in the living area brooding. My mind is racing as my anger is getting the better of me. What the heck was he thinking. 

Alex joins me after a few moments. He cautiously walks over to me. Coming to a halt in front of me. I can now see that he's hurt. To my surprise again he wraps his arms around my waste and gently pulls me to him. 

He leans me back as he stares down at me. I'm speechless. Oh this is bad, really bad. I'm no longer mad but confused. 

"Emily, why won't you date me. I can give you the world. I have never met anyone like you," he says as he holds me.

"You don't understand Alex, I just can't see you in that way. I don't want to love anyone ever again. I just can't open myself up to it. It's just too painful," I choke out. I know deep down he's disappointed, and I know he's probably hurt by my response but I can no longer pretend. 

He's quiet for a moment as he looks away. "I didn't think of it that way. I was hoping in time you would come around and maybe give me a chance to make you happy," he says as he let's me go and pulls me upright. 
I'm shocked. I don't know what to say to that. After what seems like a eternity I manage to find my words. 

"I wish I could, but I'm a broken soul. I will never be the same...I deserve no one.  Alex, you deserve someone that can love you back. I can't give that to you. The last thing I want is to hurt you. And if I said yes I would do just that," I tell him. He frowns as he takes in my response.

"Emily, you deserve someone, I know in time you might love me once your heart heals. I know right now you can't, but one day you may," he says. "I won't, trust me, I know this to be true," I reply. I pull away from him as I try to regain myself. I leave him standing there in the living room with a sad expression on his face. 

I can't think of anything else to tell him. I'm just lost for words for the hundredth time. As I make my way out of the room, I find myself in the kitchen. I slump against the wall as I now feel drained.  I close my eyes as I start to relax. I hear Alex talking to Chris.

 "What can I do to win Emily over?" Alex asks. Are you kidding me, advice from Chris, I don't want to be won over. "Alex, dude!" Chris huffs.

Alex is quiet for a moment. "Oh I see. I get it now," he says. What does he get, and what did Chris tell him. I didn't hear him say anything. Did I miss something. Oh the questions run through my mind. What are those two up to?



  1. no Alex no know what I want. Another great chapter.


  2. Great chapter as always Jamee. I loved it! :)
    And I get it too! XD

    And me likes it! :3


  3. something seems off with Alex
    Can't wait for the next chapter
    Great job Jamee! :)

    And that was a pretty short chapter!??!! Love u