Friday, March 1, 2013

Escape - Chapter Seventeen

I'm still in shock from all that has happened. Chris is pulling me to God knows where. My heart is racing and I'm running out of air. My legs are becoming like jello. My lungs are on fire from the fast pace Chris has set.

"Run faster, they are going to catch up to us. Stay with me Emily," he yells at me as he pulls at my hand more.

"Please stop! Chris, I can't do this," I beg. 
Tripping I fall to the ground. A tree branch must have caught my foot. When I hit the ground I fall to my hands a knees. The fall itself doesn't hurt. I'm to numb to feel it anyway. I began to sob. I unleash more tears as my world comes crashing down again. 

"Emily, get up! We have to get as far away from here as we can. They are fast, faster than we are. I got to get you out of here," he says with panic. 

I'm lost to my grief. I just want to die. "Chris, leave me here, run and get away from here. If they find me... then they will stop looking for you. You can live a happy life and leave this all behind you. I have nothing left for them to take but my life," I sob.

"Emily, come on! Your not giving up yet. I won't let you. He pulls on me hard to get me to my feet. I know I'm just standing there. I can not will myself any further.
"Then I will carry you," he says as he throws me over his shoulder.

"Just let them kill me, run and be free. Live a happy life. They want me not you," I cry as he continues to carry me.

"I will not! Do you think for one minute that Dimitri, your parents, or anyone that loved you would let you give up? No I don't think so," he says as he heads on further into the woods.

 He's breathing hard and I can't help him. I'm utterly spent. Exhausted and an emotional wreck.  I would walk but I have no energy to do so. 
Once we have put some distance between us, Chris puts me down. I crumble to the ground in scalding tears, he's right there beside me crying for the first time since this has all happened.

I surrender to my sobs. When I think I'm all cried out, I'm hit with more gut wrenching tears.

I've slowly calmed myself as I wipe my nose with my sleeve. "Emily, you still with me?" Chris says almost in a whisper as he crawls over to me. 

I can't even speak, I just look utterly lost. I have not one rational thought. I'm a empty shell. Chris pulls me to him as he cradles my head to his chest. "Please be strong, we can do this. This is one hell of a nightmare that I wish me and you could wake up from. Stay strong, we will find a way out. Just don't shut down on me, please," he begs.

I cry more silent tears. I still have not found my voice. "Emily, you are my best friend, I won't let them have you. Do you hear me. I will protect you," he pleads. I think we stay like this for hours. Neither one of us saying anything. He crys, then I cry. We just cry for hours. 

Daylight has come and we are in the middle of the woods all alone. I lay there on the damp ground in silence. I have no more tears to cry, I have passed the insane part and now I'm surrounded by my dark thoughts. 

Chris is broken as well. He's lost in his own world. He's not moved in a long time. 

After some time, Chris pulls me up and takes a look at my face. "Is this the only injury's you have?" he asks. "I have no idea. I haven't the faintest idea really," I reply.  He moves around me looking at every inch of me to find any injuries I might have. He pokes a few spots around my ribs that make me flinch and a nasty bruise on my leg. It looks like a few bruises. I think your ribs are bruised and your face has some nasty cuts and bruises.  We need to get this cleaned up soon," he tells me. 

It starts to rain, a cold rain which gives me more to shake over. Chris pulls me as close to help my shaking. "What are we going to do?" I ask him. "I'm working on it, I think first we need to get some food and then get cleaned up. We need to get moving soon," he replies.

We start to walk and find a garden. I'm not hungry, but I help Chris gather a lot of the fruit and vegetables. 

I even find a apple tree. I pull several apples off that I can manage to reach. 

This is a wonderful find, we can eat a few days off this," he says with a little bit of hope in his voice. 

He makes a fire and starts to roast some of the vegetables we picked. I cant help myself but to put some distance from it. The smell of food is making me sick to my stomach. "Emily, don't go. You need to eat. You have to keep up your strength " he calls out to me. "I can't, it will only come up again. I'm not ready for food," I reply in hopes he will give me some slack. 

I lay down by the fire and cry a little more. Chris lays down behind me pulling me to him. He wraps his arms around me. "Sleep, I will keep watch for a while," he tells me. I don't respond. I just stair at his hands. His rough hands that have blood stains on them. Blood from who, I can't even wrap my mind around. I don't want to know. I know if I close my eyes I will see them all in my dreams. I can't let myself, I don't want this pain. I don't want to relive those horrible moments. I don't want to see Dimitri, my family, my friends all die in front of me again.  


  1. Fantastic! and very nice atmosfere :) Very nice to read it :).

  2. Oh girl!!!!! the emotions.....yowza.....

    Loved it and I can't wait to see what is ahead ofr Emily and Chris.

    Jen AKA Ashby

    1. Thank you. lol, I guess your a Chris fan. I can tell.

  3. This chapter was kind of boring to me, all they did was just lounge around and talk and sleep, lounge around and talk and sleep, lounge around and talk and sleep. but i must say that the connection between Emily and Chris is growing stronger, she should have went with him in the first place! duh! :3

    1. Well what did you expect after the last chapter. They have to have time to mourn. For Emily and Chris they were best friends more than anything. They didn't have the connection like Emily and Dimitri. I hope to make it more interesting in the next chapter. lol.

    2. yea i'm Team Chris not Team Dimitri cause he's dead,i hope the best for emily and chris and that the rescue hanna from the curse that was put on her :)

  4. I love it,I don't think that this chapter was boring matter a fact it was well written and the emotions were there so u could feel the pain in them and i enjoyed it and cant wait for more to come i think she maybe with child but that's me. "wink" lol. Keep up the wonderful work.

  5. This chapter is really great! And the poses are fantastic! Do you know where you got them all from?