Thursday, April 4, 2013

Change Of Heart - Chapter Twenty Two

As Chris heads down the steps I feel sick all  of a sudden. Chris is totally unaware that I'm about ready to lose my lunch. 

"Emily, what's wrong?" he asks as he makes a funny face as I feel it start to come up. I can't answer him. I turn and run toward the bathroom before it all ends up on the floor. 

I dash up the stairs as I head toward my bathroom. I'm hoping I make it. 

I'm so sick and I feel like I've had a rough night drinking. Geeze. I sitting here in the floor hugging the commode like its my best friend. I'm feeling a little better until I hear Chris. "Emily whats wrong with you?" he says with concern. Why is it that he always manages to catch me in the most unladylike times. "I'm fine," I mumble. "Just my nerves again," I tell him. 

I get up and see Chris. I just hope I'm not a total mess. "Your not coming down with anything are you?" he asks. "Only you," I smirk. 

I walk over to the sink and brush my teeth. I clean up as best as I can. To my surprise I'm not a total mess like I thought. 

Me and Chris head downstairs together and as we're sitting on the couch I find that I'm deep in thought. I can tell that he has a lot on his mind as well. "I miss them," I sigh. "Me too," he agrees.

"How did we get into this mess?" I ask. "I don't know, its not happened in our lifetime, a mass attack of this magnitude. For them to take out that many guards and to take us by surprise like that, it was so unexpected," he tells me as he rests his head into his hand as his brow creases from strain. 

"I have no one left. It feels like I'm so alone," I sigh. 

Chris stands up abruptly as he pulls me to my feet. I find that I'm in his arms and in very close proximity. My breath catches as he pulls me closer. What is he going to do? 

He leans in to where he's very close. I start to pull away but stop as he frowns. "You have me. Let me protect you. Take care of you." he whispers. I gasp. 

He puts his forehead to mine. I'm so confused. I don't know what to say to what he just said. He seems to be fighting an inner battle. I'm not sure what to do. He pulls me up against his body and now his intentions are clear. He's going to kiss me. "I can't," I mummer as his lips meet mine. 

His lips feel so good. Before I know it, I'm kissing him back. I'm lost in this moment. This is the first time since my world was torn upside down that something seemed so right for once. 

I let go and pull him closer as our kiss deepens. No rules, no boundaries. Just us in our own little world. 

As we kiss my mind begins to race. Can I do this? Can I care for someone else  Can I let Dimitri go and move on. It makes my soul ache but I know deep down that I must move on if I want to have any bit of a normal life after all this tragedy. 

Then suddenly Chris pulls away leaving me standing there gaping and winded by his kiss. "I'm sorry, I.........don't know what came over me. Please don't hate me," he says. 

"Chris, don't be sorry, without you I wouldn't be here. I could never hate you," I tell him. 

"So your not mad," he asks. "No, I could never be mad at you," I reply. He visibly relaxes as I hear Alex holler for Chris. It stops my thoughts. 

"I will be back, he says as he pulls me into his arms and hugs me tight. He turns and smiles at me as he leaves the room leaving me with scattered thoughts.  

Later that evening Chris walks in the room with just his pj pants on. I don't know if it was the state of mind I was in, but I think my mouth hits the floor.

He's heart stopping beautiful. He walks over to me that makes me freeze in my tracks.

Chris pulls me to him with a quick wet kiss. So unlike him. I have no time to react to it at all. He leaves me shocked with wet lips.

When he pulls away I playfully swat at him. He grins from ear to ear. "What?" he laughs.

Then he unleashes his playful tickles. I'm giggling and laughing as I twist to try to get away from him. "Chris! Please," I beg as he chases me.

He scoops me up and spins me around as he laughs. When he stops his look goes from playful to serious. 

"Will you give me a chance..........." he trails off. My heart stops and then skips a beat.

I run my hands through his silky hair as I stare down into his blue eyes. "Only you, yes I will try. You know me better than I know my own self," I whisper.

 "Can we take it slow," I ask. "Anything for you. So where do you want to go from here?" he asks.

"What?" I ask. If we are to start this new life together, I want to start it with just you and me," he says. My heart skips a beat.

I look at this gorgeous man in front of me. Ready to lay the world at my feet. To free me from my world of pain. One who saved my life. I'll never be able to repay him for what all he has done for me. And now he is asking for my heart. Can I give it to him. Can I grow to love him. "Give me some time to think, but yes I like this idea," I reply with a smile.  


  1. Girl you have done it again. So loved this chapter and I can't wait for the two of them to start a new life together and to finally heal.


  2. YESSSS!!!! I can't wait to see how these two do as a couple.

  3. Exactly what I thought would happen. And I love it!
    Keep 'em coming! :)

  4. Just her nerves?? hmm too suspicious for me lol

    i think she must have some kind of superpower that make men fall in love with her . why can't the guys give her some time to heal after her losses geez

  5. Okay, an easy guess that she is pregnant.
    Moving on.
    I kind of feel like it isn't complete yet, that Dmitri and everyone aren't really dead. That there will be some sort of a miracle, a spell that she finds, or even they all turned into vampires and can be cured. Maybe because it was so abrupt. But it kind of feels really to sad for me to read now, too much like a soap opera and not enough like the love story that you put in your other works. I'm sorry, but, to me, that part just doesn't feel... final. But I guess it is...

    1. well I don't want to ruin it for you. I have big plans for this story. It is not complete yet. This is her journey that she has to travel to reach her happiness. And with all my stories always expect the unexpected. Its still a baby.

  6. OMG! jamee...jamee...jamee THIS IS SO AWESOME! and plus the fact that she's pregnant makes it super AWESOME! thank you for finally getting her with chris, i swear one of these days im going to make a "TEAM CHRIS" T-shirt lol!