Friday, April 26, 2013

Emily and Chris Start Over - Chapter Twenty Five

We have finished moving before a snow storm has moved in. I even try to get creative with a simple snow man in the back yard. I think I did quite well as I stand back admiring my work.

It's growing late so I head up to get ready for bed. Our bedroom is located on the second floor of our new appartment.

I'm already in bed when Chris finishes up in the bathroom. He walks over wearing his grey pj bottoms that hang so nicely off his hips. He smiles at me as he climbs into bed. 

As the lights go out I curl up to Chris's back. We have decided to take things slow and he's good about keeping his word. We share a bed which has made my nightmares go away. I sleep so much better with Chris by my side. I feel safe once again. 

I'm standing in the kitchen getting read to start some breakfast when I feel a flutter in my belly. It takes me by surprise as I rub my little bump. 

I start on the waffles when Chris walks in and takes a seat at the breakfast bar. I put on a little show for him which makes him smile. I can't help but smirk at him. It's the first day in our new home and it feels so great. 

He pulls out a book which doesn't surprise me. He's such a book worm. I never meet a guy who loves to read like he does. I walk over to the oven and watch my waffles as they finish cooking. 

After we eat Chris pulls out the morning paper and begins to read while I head upstairs to get ready for my first doctors appointment. 

We arrive at the hospital to see the doctor. We sign in at the front desk. I'm so excited for some strange reason.   

They call me in and take me into a exam room. A nurse takes my vitals and a sample of my blood. 

"Just lay back and we will get some measurements and a ultrasound to see how far along you are," she tells me as she helps me lay back.  

After she's all done with me, I sit up and wait on the doctor to come in. 

A young doctor in his early thirty's comes in. "Lets take a look. According to your ultrasounds you are five months pregnant. The baby looks really healthy," he adds. 

He takes us in his office to discuss the results to my tests. "So I already told you that you were five months pregnant. Your blood work looks good and the baby seems to be healthy. Do you want to know what your having?" he asks. 

I look over at Chris who raises a eyebrow at me. I know he's really supportive, but this makes it so real. A little baby growing in my belly. "So do we want to know?" I ask Chris. "I would like to wait, it would be nice to have a surprise," he says. 

I think about it for a minute. "I think we will wait to find out what were having," I tell the doctor. He nods and writes something down in my chart. 

"Congratulations again. If you have any problems just let us know and we will get you in," he says as he shakes Chris's hand. 

Nice weather has set in as Chris and I have settled into the simple life. We even have a small pool in the back yard. As were taking a dip he splashes me. 

I give him a dirty look which makes him pout. I can't keep the smile off my face he pouts even bigger. 
The nice weather is a boost in spirits. Chris and I decide to hang out on the couch. He loves to cuddle as we watch tv. 

I feel myself getting tired and instead of heading upstairs to lay down, I use Chris as a personal pillow. He doesn't mind at all as he strokes my cheek as I drift off to sleep. 

 I figure I have napped for a while as I look up to see I haven't moved in over a hour and Chris seems so content watching tv. I stretch out as I sit up.  

Chris rubs my belly as now it has grown to a cute little bump. The baby has started to really move now. 

"Its going to be so neat having a little one running around here," he says as he rubs my belly once again. 

Its getting late and Chris wants to head out and watch the starts. What a hopeless romantic he has become. I never thought he was so sweet even after all the years that I have known him. I look at this man and see how much he truly cares about me. It moves me in ways that I could never imagine. 


  1. they are such a cute couple! I can't wait to see what life has in store for them!

  2. Girl another great chapter, but I can't help but feel the good is only going to las a short time.


  3. thank you for the beautiful chapter :)

  4. I knew Dmitri didn't use a condom