Friday, April 19, 2013

Goodbye's - Chapter Twenty Four

Alex has accepted me and Chris as a couple. Even though I still find it hard to think of us as a together that way. He said he would take it slow with me. Alex seems more relaxed around me and has backed off. 

Now that I know that I'm pregnant I have noticed I crave certain foods. And a peanutbutter sandwich seems to be on the top of my list today. I head to the kitchen to make me a sandwich. It tastes so good as I wolf it down fast.

Getting ready to head out to take a dip I feel this sick feeling hit me. I have the sudden urge to run to the bathroom. I have also noticed that I get hit with sickness quite often. I can't seem to keep much down these days.

It always seems like I get hit when I least expect it. Grabbing my stomach and trying to hold my contents down I dash to the bathroom.

As unladylike as I am, I hurl up all my lunch.

Geeze this baby is putting me to the test. I regain myself as my stomach eases up and I can finally get up off the floor.

Finding some time to myself is wonderful. The guys are out fooling around the yard while I take to the piano. The sound alone takes me to places of joy. I loose myself in the song.

I head outside to see what the guys are up too. They are both raking the falling leaves as fall has set in. I personally don't see why since the trees will keep making a mess until there are no more leaves, but they seem content in their efforts to clear the yard.

Chris is hard at work looking all cute in his sweater and jeans. 

I walk around the yard when a squirl runs out in front of me. I find him amusing as he runs circles around my feet.

Chris startles me when he walks right up on me. "You scared me," I say as Chris smiles at me.

Pulling me into his arms he kisses me briefly and then pulls back as he grins at me. "What are you grinning at?" I ask. "You, your so happy. It melts my heart to see you smile," he says.

 In the game room I challenge Chris to some ping pong. He dominates the game leaving me winded and running for the ball. 

 After he has finally beat the pants off me, he pulls me into the living room. He leans over and turns on the stereo.  Lovely music fills the room as Chris pulls me into his arms. "Dance with me," he says as he begins to sway. 

 He spins me taking me by surprise. He never ceases to amaze me with his graceful moves. Is there anything he doesn't know how to do I think to myself as I grin at him. 

Tomorrow will be the first day of our new life. The house is quite pretty and fully ready for us to move into," he says as he twirls me again. I grip his arms as he pulls me close. I kiss his lips as I smile. I couldn't be more happy as I am right now. 

"You are a amazing and kind man. I can not repay your kindness that you have shown me and Chris in this dark time of my life," I tell Alex. "You and Chris are always welcomed here. I have really enjoyed your company," he says. 

 Before I can say anything eles. "Oh and if you ever change your mind.........You know where to find me," he smirks. I find that I'm smiling and grinning back. 

  "I will give you a call when we get to the house. It's not far from here and it will be close to my new job," Chris tells Alex. 

I give Alex a hung goodbye as me and Chris leave. The world is ours for the taking and now is the time to reclaim my life. I can now have the life that I always dreamed about. A simple life with a family to love and no drama of being royal. The thought makes me smile.


  1. Love this chapter, it was so sweet, even though we know the calm comes before a storm

  2. The thought makes me smile too. Another good chapter. It is a nice transition chapter from Alex's house to their new home. I can't wait to see it.