Friday, May 24, 2013

Dark Stranger - Twenty Nine

Loud noises erupted in the living room. As I exit the bathroom I'm stunned by the sight I take in. A strange black figure is attacking Chris. Strong with no effort the dark figure throws Chris around. 

He picks him up again by the throat and slams him against the wall. Chris goes limp. 

Chris is out cold on the floor. I want to run, but seeing how he just took down Chris I know I don't stand a chance to out run him. I'm doomed to a awful fate. I fear this is the end. I back towards the stairs and stumble back as I loose my footing. I start to climb backwards as he watches me with almost amusement. I can't see his face but his stance tells me that he's toying with me. 

I run up the steps and out the door. Turning, I try to hold the door shut. He comes running at the door slamming his foot into the frame. The wood makes a splitting sounds as the glass begins to break. 

I hold the door with all that I have as he kicks it again. Panic starts to set in as I feel the doors start to give. 

Oh please no. "Leave me alone," I scream at him through the door. 

The door gives way as I step back with only a split second to act. I leap off the deck and catch the edge of the railing as my body slams into the bottom of the deck. "You can run, I will catch you." the man says. His voice is deep and dark. It sends a chill through me. I grip the rail as my hand is only a few feet away from him.

He makes no move toward me as I hang there contemplating my next move. 

I let go of the railing falling onto the deck below. Raising up on my arms I try to get my bearings. My head is a little light from the fall.

I get to my feet jumping off the porch into a full run. I look back to see him running right behind me. He must have jumped right off the deck. My heart is racing as all my senses are on end. I don't think I'm going to out run him. 

He's only a few feet away as I make it around the side of the house. 

He sweeps me off my feet as he slings me over his shoulder. I beat as hard as I can with my fists on his back. "Put me down! Who are you? What do you want with me?" I scream. 

He says nothing. I feel a sharp stick in my thigh. I feel light headed. Everything is spinning as I feel him walking with me. I slump letting all my limbs hang free as I'm now a prisoner of my own body. Moments later everything goes black..............


  1. You gotta be kidding me! He got her!

  2. Once again a great chapter..soooo Love this story :) Now next friday needs to hurry and get here LOL Oh and where did you get that dress??

  3. I just found this story and I am loving it!
    Where did you find that pose with her holding onto the railing?
    Can't wait for the next chapter!

  4. OMG I did not want this chapter to end, I will die waiting for Chapter 30! Awesome work Jamee, thank you so much for putting this out for us to enjoy....

  5. It's good to see Dimitri there! I wonder where we could get his clothes. Can you tell us?

  6. OMG I still don't understand why she didn't fly away


    I'm stupid lol