Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gone Wild - Chapter Twenty Seven

 The doctor finally releases me after a few days. It was still unclear what had happened to make me loose my baby. My heart sinks every time I think of it. The doctors offered to let me hold it, but I refused. I didn't want to see the tiny life that was once my hope of moving on. I didn't even want to know what it was. It would only haunt me more. Chris gets distracted on the phone as I head to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Running a bath in hopes to wash the medical smell off me.

After I clean up I look at myself in the mirror. I hate who is starring back at me. I think a change is in order.

I'm loving my new look. It feels good to just let loose. I'm going to go out and experience the world for the first time. Putting my makeup on and dressing a little more provocative than I should have I sneak around Chris to avoid his protests. 

Leaving the house in my hot little purple dress I head first down to the beach. Just me and no one else.

It's perfect despite the rain that has started. I pick up a few rocks and skip them across the water. I use to love to do this when I was younger.

As I'm throwing rocks I see a rainbow not too far off. It is breath taking!

The sun is slowly setting as I make my way home. 

When I arrive I see Chris standing on the porch with a terrible look on his face.
"What have you done to yourself? Where have you been?" he shouts at me.

"It's none of your business. I can go and do as I like. I don't need you to protect me anymore. I don't care if they get me. Let them come! I'm not going to hide for the rest of my life" I shout back at him. His face falls into a frown.

"You don't want me to protect you anymore? What's going on with you? You're making me worried. "Well don't!" I shout as I storm off leaving Chris with his mouth hanging on the ground.

 I head down to the local hangout. I decide to indulge in some drink.
Pouring a glass I drink it really fast. It kind of tastes horrible but by the second one its not that bad.

I have lost track at how many drinks I have had when I almost stumble down the steps. 

After I finish my drink in hand I head to the dance floor and cut loose.

Dancing has only made me more thirsty so I get another drink. After finishing it off the room starts to spin a bit. I think I have had way too much to drink and decide to call it a evening.

I call a cab and wait as it arrives.

 It seems like a long ride home and I know I'm going to have to hear it from Chris. Ugg, what to tell him. I shrug the thought off. I can go and do as I please.

The cab drops me off. I head up the steps fumbling as I go.

Chris stirs me from my sleep. I must have passed out on the couch. I sit up blocking the sun out of eyes. My head is pounding.

When I finally focus, Chris is sitting there staring at me with a worried look on his face.

"Don't be mad at me," I beg as I try to pull Chris to me.

He gets up and pulls me to him. "Do you know how worried I was. I looked everywhere for you. I thought they found you," he chokes out. He releases me finding his will to calm down. 

"I'm tired, I want a normal life," I cry out. Chris stares at me in shock. He is quiet and only stares at me with a little hurt on his face. 

I push Chris backwards as he stumbles onto the couch. In a bold move I climb right on his lap straddling him. His eyes are wide. "Emily!" he cries out. "Where were you?" he whispers.
I lean close to him making him gasp. "What are you doing? Your not your usual self." he whispers. "I'm living," I reply.

Running my hand down his neck I feel him tense. He never breaks eye contact from me.

Pulling him close I kiss his lips. "Emily we can't." he says. "Yes we can, we can do whatever we want to. It's my life and I'm choosing to make my own decisions." I tell him as I run my fingers through his hair.

"What happened to taking things slow?" he asks. "I live for the moment, and right now I want you." I tell him as I plant another kiss on his lips. He ponders it for only a moment. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.

"Emily, please. It's too soon. Your only doing this because your upset." he says. "Chris, are you refusing me?" I ask, stunned. "Yes," he replies.


  1. Girl this is amazing. I have a pretty good idea where this is going and I am digging that.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Jen AKA Ashby

  2. Where did you get hair of that girl? Its amaizing *-*

  3. Ugggg, I hated to see this chapter end, :) Awesome!

  4. I love her hot new look!

    Chris is right though. She is still grieving for the baby. Although maybe she just wants to feel close to someone and she does really care about Chris. I sort of think that it is too soon for her though. Maybe it will be okay.

    Looking forward to Friday to see what he decides!

  5. I love the new Emily keep her personality but don't get rid of that look Lol

  6. girlll yass I know Dmitri is coming!

  7. Again I'm reading this whole series SOOOOO AWESOMe!!!!

    but are u doing another chapter??

  8. I will be doing more chapters but not yet. I'm in the middle of working and writing a book. I have finished the first and I'm currently on the second book of the series. I have not forgotten the stories here. They just take so long to do with poses.