Friday, June 21, 2013

Blind Fury - Thirty Three

I'm in the bathroom finishing up when I hear the door being unlocked. I head toward the bedroom expecting Dimitri. He told me he would be coming by later.

I come out of the bathroom and I freeze in my steps when I see this strange man. His eyes are red and his skin is pale. He's another Nightwalker. He shoves me up against the wall holding my face in place. His body has me pinned to the point that I can't move. I stop breathing as his cool hand grips my chin holding me in place. 

I knee him in the stomach just enough for him to loosen his grasp so that I break free and dart toward the bathroom. I'm hoping that he left the door unlocked so I can maybe escape. I know its a risky move.

I make it to the bathroom and with one swift move he grabs me pulling me toward him and down to the ground. His face is so close to mine as I see him bare his fangs. Just when I think he's going to sink his teeth into me. He pushes me further to the ground.

 He's got me by the throat and my hands pinned above my head. His cold eyes lock on me. Pushing my legs apart he presses his body to mine. I gasp..........

"Please! Don't hurt me," I plead. "Oh my little pretty thing, you have no idea what plans I have for you. Not only are you mouth watering, your beautiful," he says with a cold smile that sends chills all over me.
Pulling my face to the side I can feel his breath on my neck. He licks my neck as he runs his hand up my thigh. I try to wiggle out of his hold but he's to strong.

"Were going to have some fun," he says as he reaches the top of my thigh. I feel the warm tears run down my cheeks as I try to brace myself for the horror about ready to happen. I close my eyes and try to imagine I'm somewhere eles.

Just when I think he's about ready to take me. I hear a welcomed voice. I have never been so happy to hear his voice as I am now. I can feel the man being pryed off me.

"You dare!" Dimitri shouts at the guy as he pulls him off the ground by his throat. "Release me you fool," the man growls. "She's mine, and only mine," Dimitri hisses.

I scramble to the far corner of the bathroom as they face off with each other. "She's not yours. She's fair game. You have no bond to her," he says.

Dimitri looses it. He slams the guy right into a beam. With a loud thud the man grunts as he makes contact. Then Dimitri grabs the guy and slams him again. I can only watch the horror unfold.

After slaming him a couple more times. Dimitri grabs the man and pulls him up to face him. "Now about that bond. I don't need a bond. She's mine! I will not tell you again," Dimitri hisses. The guy looks stunned and decides the battle is not worth fighting.

I find myself shaking still on the cold floor. The man leaves, and within a minute Dimitri has me pulled into his arms. I'm trembling with fear, and with adrineline making me shake. I have no idea how to feel about all the things that have happened in a matter of a few minutes. "Are you alright. Please tell me he didn't hurt you," Dimitri asks. His cool hands stroke my back and hold my face.

"Thanks to you I am," I say as I pull him close to me. A creature of darkness has become my salvation. I know I shouldn't let my guard down but in the same breath I can feel that ache in my heart as we hold each other not saying a word.

He pulls me up off the floor and with those eyes, his once brown lovley eyes that are traced with red stair at me. How can he still have this effect on me. "Be with me," he says as he pulls me closer.

"Please, I need you. I may be a Nightwalker.........but I love you. I can't be without you. We were destined to be with each other. I can never love anyone but you. You have my heart," he says. "I..............don't see a future that has us together in it," I reply as I feel my heart break.

He releases me, his face falls. He walks over to the sink leaning on it. His back is facing me. I can see his face in the mirror. I have never seen this side of Dimitri. It's pulling at every feeling I have for him. I see tears run down his face.

I sink to the floor as I see Dimitri cry. I didn't think it was possible until now. Maybe he dose still have a heart. But where would this leave us if I did choose this path to go down. How could we actually be together and be happy.


  1. WOW... how interesting, my biggest issue with your stories are the chapters aren't long enough :P I want more haha

  2. Such a good update! I also wish they where longer! Can't wait for the next chapter!

  3. Did you decide when are you starting the medieval series