Friday, June 28, 2013

Dimitri Other Side - Chapter Thirty Four

I get to my feet and walk out of the bathroom. I'm still shaking from the attack and all the emotions that are running through me. It was so close I can't believe I'm still alive and intact. I feel my head start to spin. Dimiti, my dark night has come to rescue me. I sway as he steady's me.

Dimitri moves in front of me and then drops to his knee. He holds my hand and then rests his head on my belly. I almost want to jump but something deep down starts pulling at me. The old feelings for Dimitri are resurfacing. It's starting to scare me. I can't do this. I can't let my heart fall for him.

"Emily, please don't pull away from me." He's so sad. This side I'm not use to seeing him show is unnerving me. Does it not matter what I have told you. Please, I can't loose you again," he begs. I start to put my hand up to feel my fingers run through his hair to comfort him but stop. "I can't do this. I can't live this way," I whisper. 

He stands up as I drop to my knees. He places his hands on my shoulders. I can feel that he's still sad. "I can protect you," he says. "No you can't, I will never be safe as long as I'm alive. Why don't you just kill me," I sigh. "Emily I could never hurt you. Don't you see that I can't live without you," Dimitri whispers.

Suddenly, without warning he pulls me up from the floor dragging me by the hand out of the room. "Where are we going?' I ask as I try to keep up. He doesn't answer as he unlocks a room and leads me into a beautiful bedroom.

"This is where I sleep, you will be safe in here with me. I want you to be with me all the time. I'm stunned as I wrap my head around this. "This is where you and Jen sleep?" I ask with anger laced in my voice.

I see Dimitri took it just as I thought he would. He guessed what I was thinking. "You think! No I have......not slept with Jen like you think. Yes she has slept in my bed. But that is it," he hisses. I jump and find myself stepping back away from him.

"Do I mean that little to you! Did I not show you that I loved you?" he shouts as he shows his fangs.

"I'm............sorry," I gasp as I step back from him.

Dimitris face softens. "Emily, look, this is a little hard to just explain all at once. It's all happened so fast. I thought you were dead. And here you are in front of me living and breathing. I thought my whole world was gone. I was hoping that you were alive and well, here you are. My one hope became a reality when I saw you that one night. I had to follow you for a bit to make sure......well with the purple hair........., and you have matured quite well. But when I was certain I had to...........have you with me," he says.

"So you have been looking for me all this time?" I ask. "Not at first. I had to adjust to what I am. I had to get myself under control, and to deal with what happened. I will tell you the story one day but not tonight. I have not been with no other since you, I have no room for anyone else. When I came here I was forced to choose a bond. Jen is my bond, she is linked to me by a spell that keeps her safe and for what ever I choose. I have choose to be kind to her. She shares my room and that is all. I feed off her when I am not able to hunt and that is hardly at all. She talks to me to keep me company when I was lonely but that's it," he says. I'm floored by this as I feel a little bit of my jealousy lessen.

Dimitri pulls me into his arms holding me tight and I find that it's a comfort this time. "I'm sorry for all of this. I wish I could have been stronger while I was human. That we could have lived a happy life together with your family. But they won. I will not let them have you," he says. They will not let us be together, you have Jen. I can't replace her. Some have made that already clear," I whisper as I inhale his scent.  "Let me worry about that," he says. 

"Take a walk with me," he says as he grabs my hand lacing his fingers in mine. He leads me outside with only the stars lighting our way. It's a beautiful night with a warm breeze that flows through my hair. "Lets spend some time together so you can get to know me for me and not for what I was," he says.

"There is so much I would love to know, but I just don't know if I can love you as a Nightwalker," I tell him. I peek up at him and he's not surprised. I was expecting a hurt look but he's not. He's got almost a small smile playing on his lips.

"There is much I want to tell you. I think you will see everything in a different light when you know everything. Lets just take it slow," he smirks at me. Get to know him better, what else is there to know other than he's a Nightwalker that drinks blood. I know the rest. I feel like he's hiding something from me. But what could it be?  

 He comes to a stop and turns to me. He runs his cool fingers along my cheek that sends chills down me. It's got me excited but wearie at the same time. I lean into his hand as I close my eyes. I try to remember him like it was. I feel my heart ache for his touch. This is something I can't seem to get my head around. Am I damaged beyond love? I have no idea. I don't know if it's even possible to love him. I want to deep down but I have no idea if I can. 

"Emily," Dimitri snaps me out of my daydream. Come, I want to show you something. He leads me around the house and then sits down on the ground motioning for me to join him. I sit down beside him, he pulls me to him so that we are arm to arm. He leans in as I catch my breath. He points to the sky as a shooting star flashes by. 

"I see it, I call out to Dimiri. He follows my hand to another shooting star. He leans closer to where I can feel his breath on my bare shoulder. I feel a chill run over me. Then I'm hit with a drop of rain. I blink as another hits my cheek. 

Dimitri pulls me up and we run toward the house to get out of the rain. 

We bust through the door and he's smiling at me with water dripping off him. He's wet and smiling, and its a wonderful site to see him carefree and happy with me. 

I laugh for the first time in a long time. I throw my head back and giggle like a school girl. "What's so funny," Dimitri smirks at me. I can't stop giggling to answer him. "Well if I knew dragging you out in the rain would make you so happy I should have done it sooner," he laughs. "Oh Dimitri," I giggle. 

Dimitri grabs me crushing me to him. His lips kiss me fierce as I freeze in shock. I gasp between his kisses and feel myself being pulled in. My mind is racing as my body starts to betrays me. A small moan escapes my lips. 

Dimitri releases me and I'm almost frozen. In that kiss I felt it. His love, his world, all ready to be laid out for me. I'm hit with emotions that almost chokes me. Here it is, I must decide. Either to accept him like this or leave him forever. 


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