Friday, June 7, 2013

The Unthinkable - Chapter Thirty One

I start beating on the door. My hand starts to hurt but I keep beating in hopes that someone will hear my cries. "Let me out of here," I shout again.

"No one will hear you," a voice responds from behind me. Suddenly I feel this prickling fear run over me. I have heard that voice before. I turn to see the very dark stranger that took me. I gasp as I freeze in the spot I stand in. He's sitting there calm in a chair. He makes no moves. He also has that mysterious hood on that keeps me from seeing who he is.

As I regain my thoughts and find myself trying to find my voice. Which is non existant at this point. All I can do is walk in his direction with caution.

I take a few steps over to where he's sitting. By the time I reach him he's standing. I'm almost face to face with him, but cannot see who he is. His dark hood is covering his face. "I'm not scared of you. If you want to kill me, then get on with it. I'm tired of all of these games." I shout at him. Surprising myself at how brave I'm being.

He reaches up and removes his hood. I'm stunned and for one moment in time................I'm devastated. Those beautiful eyes grab me. Then slams me into reality. Dimitri....He's a Nightwalker. My heart falls as he regards me carefully. He says nothing. He stares at me with such intensity that it feels like hes looking straight into my soul.

"NO!" I cry. 

Stepping back I stumble trying to get away from him. "Your alive! No! You're a Nightwalker?" I cry out. He makes no sudden moves as he watches me.

I scoot until the wall stops me. I push myself as far as I can into the corner wedged between the wall and the bookshelf. I pull myself into a tight ball. I'm all tensed and breathing heavy. Fear has gripped me and has taken me hostage. I can not move. I sit in silence for a while. I dare a peek up. I find Dimitri crouched several feet from me just staring at me with weary eyes. I dart my eyes back down to the floor as a chill runs through me.

"Emily, I'm not going to hurt you," he says. He stands up holding his hands out to me. I don't want to move. I close my eyes and hope that this whole situation will disappear. When I open them he's still there. I know I can't stay in this spot forever. His expression is soft and welcoming. It pulls at me. I will my legs to move as I place my shaking hand into his. I jump as his skin makes contact with me. He's cool to the touch which scares me.

I lock eyes with him. He's not giving anything away with his expression. I go to stand up and find that my knees buckle beneath me sending me crashing forward to the floor. He steadies me enough to keep me from hitting the floor hard.  

I'm numb with fear and heartbreak. I can't move as I lay on the floor on my hands and knees. He kneels down in front of me. I'm hit with such emotions that I can feel my heart breaking all over again. Without thinking I scramble to him and lay my head on his knee. I can feel him tense for a moment. He strokes my hair as I relish being close to him. I have missed him so much its unbearable.

He gently kisses my hair as I choke back the tears.

He pulls me into his arms resting my head on his chest. I'm lost in this moment. My world has come to a complete stand still.

His lips find mine and we are kissing like our lives depended on it.

My whole world is in this moment. Our kiss, our touch. My tongue brushes his fang and its like someone has just dumped a bucket of cold water on me. I'm hit with the realization. NIGHTWALKER! Your making out with a nightwalker! I jump up and step back from him.

In one swift movement he grabs me and pulls me to him. 

I can't speak, I can't do anything but stare into his lovely face that now scares me.

"I saw you die, I saw your soul leave through your eyes." I sob.  

"You are the last voice I heard as I was departing this world. It was you that kept me in this world long enough for them to bring me back." he tells me.   

I push at him to try to get myself away from him. I know I'm loosing this battle. His lovely face, his eyes, his beautiful features are drawing me in for the kill. His voice moves over me like silk. I push again but in vain. His hold is tight and not moving. "Don't fight against me. Please Emily. It's me." he begs.

I stop for a moment. I move my hand up and caress his face. He closes his eyes briefly.  "You look and sound like the Dimitri I once loved, but you are not. You are a nightwalker. Cursed to walk this earth and destroy all that's good." I whisper as the reality sets in, I feel my heart sink as it starts to break all over again. "I can't." is all I can manage.

"Please don't! Please hear me out." he whispers. "I have searched for you for a long time. I feared you were dead. I was hoping that I found you first. How did you manage to hide so well up until now?" he asks. "It was Chris that saved me..........." I trail off.

 I feel the tears threatening me. I shove them back as I stare at him. He seems like Dimitri.............No stop! Don't think like that, I scream to myself. He died! This creature just looks like him. Smells like him. I grab my pounding heart as I try to reason with my racing mind.  

I finally manage to break free from his hold. I take a step back. "Emily," he says as his face shows the hurt. "No! I can't do this," I shout. "Why not, I love you. We were destined to be together." he says as I hear the door open.

I turn to see a young girl walk in. She's dressed really nice with brown hair. Then it hits me, she human. Not a nightwalker or a fairy.

She walks over to Dimitri like she's comfortable with him. "Master, they know she's here." she says.

"I'll deal with them." he sighs. "Yes sir." she replies.  

I go to dart to the door while they are talking, but in vain as he's on me before I get a few steps away from him.

"Stop, you can't go." He shouts as he grips my arms tight.

One look into his face I can see his heart breaking, if he has one to break. Memories flood my mind of what we had and I feel the tears start to run down my cheeks. I thought I had shoved all these emotions away but find they are coming back with a vengeance.

Spinning me around to face him I meet his angry face. He's no longer hurt but angry. I freeze as he starts to dig into my arms with his fingers. "You will be with me, you have no choice. Don't test my patience." He hisses through clenched teeth.  

"I'd rather die than be with a Nightwalker that murdered my whole family and ruined my life. So just kill me." I shout. The tears keep running down my face as my world starts to spin out of control. "I didn't kill your family. It's me Emily," he shouts.

"Master!" the girl calls out. "You have searched forever for her. Please don't do anything drastic." She says as she bows her head down staring at the floor. "Please forgive me for speaking out of turn." she says. Then in a instance he softens a little. His grip loosens and he takes a deep breath.

"Jen, clean Miss Emily up and get her looking normal, and fix this purple hair. I want her looking like she did when she was a princess. Do you understand?" he demands as he pulls me by the arm toward the girl. She nods her head.

He releases me leaving me and Jen starring at each other as he leaves. I hear him lock the door from the outside. I'm left stunned and confused. I have this human standing in front of me while I'm sure I'm right in the middle of a nest of Nightwalkers that could come right through that door at any moment.

 "I'm sorry but I have to do as I'm told." She tells me."So am I now going to be a slave to these Nightwalkers like you?" I cry out.

"I don't find that I'm a slave. But I guess you could say that. Just do as your told and things should work out for you. Dimitri is a wonderful master. He's kind to me." She tells me. My heart sinks as the thought of Dimitri having a slave sinks in. My mind starts to wander.............I can't stop the horrible thoughts that cross my mind. Before I can help it, they are out of my mouth. "So you do everything for him?" I question her with a look that I can only imagine points her in the direction that I'm thinking. She doesn't answer which tears at me. I loose it. I dart toward the doorway that leads to a bathroom.

Sinking to the floor I find myself in a pit of despair again. I can't do this, this is way too much. I have learned to deal with my losses in time, but now one will be staring at me with red eyes.   


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