Thursday, July 18, 2013

Captive of my heart - Chapter Thirty Seven

After Dimitri calms me of Ella's threats, I try to relax a bit. I head into the bathroom and strip down in double time. I step out wearing just my underwear and bra. Dimitri's eyes shoot up and start from my feet and work their way up to meet my eyes. "Like what you see?", I smirk at him as I lick my lips.

It only takes him a second to have me in his arms and down on the floor. He's kissing me hard as his hands move up and down my body. Yes, finally got his attention. I knew it wouldn't be long before his will power broke.

"I'm sorry," Jen says as she turns toward the door. I never even heard her come in. Not again, I think to myself as I feel myself blush.

"Jen this better be good for interrupting me," Dimitri says in a stern voice. I gather myself up off the floor as graceful as I can.

"I'll go get dressed," I say in a whisper as I leave them in the room.

I get dressed really quick and head back into the room. "Luke found a strange man snooping around the grounds. Luke says he knows this guy. He put him in the room down stairs. Luke wanted you to know about him before the queen found out about him being here," she explains to Dimitri.

I come all the way into the room and they halt there conversation. I glare at them and see that Dimitri is hiding something from me. What it is I can't be sure of.

"If you have something planned you better think of it fast," Jen says.

"Dimitri, whats wrong," I ask.

Dimitri walks over and runs his hand through his hair. He only does that when he's nervous about something or trying to hide something from me. "Please tell me," I ask him.

"I have to go and take care of some things. Stay here with Jen, I'll be back soon," he says.

"No, don't leave me alone. Take me with you. You said you wouldn't leave me alone. You promised," I beg.

"Fine, but stay quiet and follow me. Let me handle this," he says as me and Jen follow him down the hall.

As I walk into this concrete room that is horrifying, I see blood splatters with what looks like a torture table. A stand alone chair sits in the middle stained with past victims blood. As my eyes follow Dimitri I see a man that I recognize immediately chained to the wall. "Chris," I choke out. My heart is in my throat as fear grips me. Why is he here, and what plans do they have for him. I don't want to think of what will happen next. I move toward Chris but Dimitri shoots me a look of I wouldn't do that. I freeze in my spot.

Dimitri stoops down in front of Chris. Chris looks scared to death and I feel like running to him to comfort him. "You should have stayed where I left you, but no.... you had to follow. Now you have left me no choice but to kill you," Dimitri sighs. "It's you, I thought you were dead! Where is Emily," Chris says.

Without hesitation I pull at Dimitri who darts around in almost a defensive move. My eyes grow wide as I drop to my knees in front of him.

"Please don't! He's the reason I'm here. He saved me, remember?  He took care of me. If you was to ever do anything for me, please do this. No one has to know that you set him free. I can't handle any more deaths. It will destroy my soul," I plead with Dimitri. "Emily!" Chis chokes out. Dimitri looks back at Chris with a cold stare. "Be quiet," he hisses through clenched teeth.

He turns back around facing me. He sighs running his hand through his hair in exasperation. "Emily, you still love him don't you?" he asks. I'm floored. I don't want to answer him. I know this might hurt my cause. "Yes," I whisper. Dimitri closes his eyes. I can see his pain. It hurts me deeply. "Say goodbye, I will be back in a few moments," he says as he leaves me and Chris alone.

I crawl over to him. "I'm sorry, for everything," I whisper. "Emily, its alright. I'm at peace now that I know that your alive," he replies.

I lean in and place a kiss on his temple. "I love you. I will not deny it. I want you safe. And if I can save your life like you have saved mine, then this is what I will do," I say. As he starts to protest I place a finger over his lips.

"Live, be happy. Dimitri will keep me safe. I do love him. I know its my destiny to be with him. I can only do this if you will do as I ask," I whisper only a few inches from his lips.

"Emily.......," he says as I cut him off with a kiss. I kiss his sculptured lips putting every feeling I have and ever will have for Chris into it. I feel the tears start to run down my cheeks as I run my fingers through his hair. His lovely face that will only be a distant memory in my mind after this moment. 
I hear the door and leap up off of Chris as Dimitri enters. Chris sits silently in the chair not moving at all this time. I watch as Dimitri walks over taking his blind fold off. "Don't try anything, I don't want to hurt you," Dimitri tells Chris as he unties his hands.

Chris stands up cautiously looking around the room at me and then to Jen. His eyes grow wide when he focuses on Dimitri. I can see him shake his head as if he can't believe his eyes.

"Why are you doing this to me and Emily?" he asks. Dimitri pauses and then looks at Chris. "I love her, she's my soul mate. Without her I'm nothing. I want her to be safe and only I can be the one to do this now. If I don't they will kill her. I need you to take Jen with you. My only request is that you go as far away from here as you can and take Jen with you. Protect her with your life. She deserves to be free of this world that she has been living," he tells Chris, who looks almost sick.

"So let me get this straight! You want me to walk away while you keep Emily here hostage against her will and take a strange girl with me to protect," he says with horror.

"Jen has been my bond since I was turned. I have protected her all this time. It's kinda complicated with me and Emily," Dimitri pauses. "Complicated doesn't even touch it," Chris gasps. "Trust me, I will protect her. They will not be able to touch her if she is bonded to me. I love her, you know that. Even if I have become a Nightwalker it has not changed anything on how I feel for her. You should know that," Dimitri says. I can only watch them talk as if I'm not even here. Its unnerving to hear them talk about me like a object. I stay still and quiet. Letting them plead their cases to each other.

Jen walks over to Dimitri. I'm surprised she doesn't look surprised at this room. She must have seen this scene before. "They don't know he's here. What ever you have planned you better do it quick," Jen tells Dimitri.

 "I do have a plan. I'm going to send you with someone that can keep you safe. I owe you and Chris this much," he says.

"But they will find us, they will kill us to get back at you," she says with horror. "They want her, not you. You will no longer suffer to us. You deserve to be happy," he says. How can I be truly be free?" she asks. Chris is a guardian. He can protect you. He will take you far away from this place," he says. I'm stunned. What does he have planned. My heart constricts with pain.

"I know I have been nothing more to you than a master. A role I did not like doing. I hope that I was kind to you," he says. 

"You have been very kind to me. I hope you find happiness with her," she says as she hugs Dimitri who stiffens when she pulls him to her. I find it kind of shocking knowing that they shared a bed for a long time and he looks awkward with her. 

As we leave the room we follow Dimitri who leads us down a hall that looks familiar. This house is so big it's easy to get lost in. Chris and Jen follow behind us walking silently. 

We get to a door and it was the room I was in when I first was brought here. He motions for us to go into the room while he heads down the hall.

We all sat down not saying anything, looking from one another with dead silence. Dimitri comes in and joins us. He starts to go over the plan he has for all of us. When it gets daylight out and everyone goes to sleep I will sneak you and Chris out. I have arranged a car to get you to the airport. There you will board a flight far away from here. I have set up a place for you to go and be safe. I have all the instructions written down and will give them to Chris," he tells us. 

"What will they do to you when they find out that you have betrayed them?" Jen asks. "Oh, I can handle them," Dimitri laughs. I want to go with Chris and Jen but I feel like I would betray Dimitri for his kindness. I find myself aching with a heavy heart.


  1. OMG, Chris is alive, I love you Jamee!

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    1. I will be doing more medieval. I took a break from it. So don't worry it will be continued.