Thursday, July 4, 2013

Emily Has To Make A Decision - Chapter Thirty Five

I give in....letting my guard down, I grab Dimitri, and crush him to me. My lips find his with a animal hunger. I kiss him with everything that I have. The love I have for him, the heartache of losing him, come crashing in. I kiss him like my life depends on it. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me tighter that not even air can come between us. His lips kiss me with a fierce motion that our teeth collide a little. I find myself wrapped up in him, that nothing else exists in this moment. My heart feels like it's going to explode.
Finally we pull apart to catch our breaths. I feel like I have run a marathon. When I finally regain myself I meet Dimitri’s eyes, followed by his cute smile. Although his eyes are now ringed in red they still melt me. 

Before I can say anything, Dimitri grabs my hand. "Come," he says as he leads me to the second story of this big house. "I have a surprise for you," he tells me as he leads me through another part of the house that I have never seen. 

     Dimitri seems excited about something. I can hear it in his tone. His fingers are laced in mine as we walk further. "I figured you would be uncomfortable being in the bedroom that me and Jen shared. So I thought I would find one that was just for us," he says as he opens the door to the room. I gasp, "Us," I say so small, I'm sure he didn't even hear me.
He pulls me into this beautiful room. It has everything you would want in a bedroom. I glance around and notice the windows. It has windows that I thought no Nightwalker would want in a room. It has a warm feel to it, but it's not home to me.  "How, and when did you do this?" I ask. "While we were outside walking," he grins at me. 

Dimitri pulls me over to a dresser and has me standing in front of a mirror as he peers at me from behind. He wraps his arms around me. His hand comes up to my face holding it in place while his other glides down my arm. His face is now only a few inches from mine. He closes his eyes briefly. When he opens them they are red like fire. "You are mine, and only mine," he whispers. His tone takes me by surprise but also has that warning in it. I don't know either to feel happy or scared about it. 

He buries his nose into my hair inhaling my scent as his grip tightens. "I have missed you so much. I thought I would only see you in my dreams. Now here you are in my arms like I have always wanted. It’s like I have been pulled from the darkness into the light," he says as if he’s under some strange spell. My hearts beating hard in my chest as I try to control my breathing. 

He releases me and walks over to the fireplace. He leans in and lights a fire to warm the room. He sets down motioning for me to join him. I set down only a foot away from him. He leans back and watches the fires as he seems carefree. I look back to the fire and lose my thoughts to the dancing flames. We sit quiet for a while neither one of us talking. 

It almost feels like old times when we use to set by the fire many evenings.

Dimitri all the sudden grabs me laying me back onto the floor. He's peering down at me. His eyes are so full of promise and love. Laced with red that only reminds me of what he is.

It makes me gasp, my hand goes up and stokes his cheek. He closes his eyes as he holds my hand in place. "I have missed your touch," he whispers. 

"Let me love you," he says as he hovers only a few inches above me. "Give me time. Please be patient with me. It's just too much to process," I say as I stroke his hair and then rest my hand on his back holding him close to me. "Ok I can do that. After all, that’s all I have is time," he smirks at me.  

Dimitri's in the bathroom taking a shower as I strip off my dress leaving me in my underwear. All the sudden I feel very aware that I’m going to be half naked around Dimitri. This is the second time he has seen me in my underwear. 

He comes out of the bathroom wearing his pj bottoms that hang so delicious off his hips. His chest is still damp from his shower. I stand with my mouth gaping on the ground as he crosses the room to me. His eyes sweep up and down my body. "Emily you are so beautiful," he whispers as he caresses my cheek sending electricity through me.

I grab Dimitri throwing my arms around him. I find his lips and take him hostage.

 He pulls away and smirks at me. "Emily you are making it really hard for me to take it slow," he whispers. "Oh so now we are taking it slow now that you are standing there in those pj bottoms," I laugh.

"I will not take advantage of the situation. I know you are overwhelmed and a lot of stuff has happened. I can be a man about the situation. All I want is for you to be with me. And I don't mean in that way. I want you to trust me and love me before we go any further," he says. "I can't believe my ears, your sounding like the Dimitri I first meet. The stubborn one," I smirk at him.

"I guess you could say that. You did want the old me back didn't you?" he asks as he tries to look as innocent as possible. "I'm not falling for it," I huff at him.

"So the pink undies are not tempting enough?" I ask with a smile. "Oh its hard, believe me. But I have waited this long, why not wait for when it counts," he says as he lays on his belly looking over at me. "You are so terrible, you are teasing me and you know it," I tell him.

He peaks up at me through his dark lashes. "I plead the fifth," he says. Now come to bed so we can get some sleep," he says softly. "Oh is that all?" I ask as I head toward the bed. "Yes, not until I know that you are my old Emily will I give in," he says as he closes his eyes. He's so frustrating. I can't believe he's actually going to play hard to get.

Dimitri turns the lights out and crawls into bed. Wrapping his arms around me he pulls me to him. I feel him nuzzle at my neck before he gets situated behind me. I can feel the rise and fall of his chest as his arms hugs me tight. I wiggle a little to provocatively against him which makes him gasp. "Behave! Go to sleep," he whispers. I can't help but smile. His skin is cool against my body which is a comfort. We had the room hot to accommodate his body’s temperature so I wouldn't get to cold.
We even added a few extra blankets to make it really warm. To my surprise it worked. I found myself seeking his cool body to keep me cool. When he turned I would turn with him. I slept very light that night. Every move he made I made with him. I took in his scent and the shape of his body. Dimitri fell asleep pretty fast as I found it hard to take my eyes off him. After what seemed like hours of studying his every feature I found that I finally fell asleep. 

I wake to find Dimitri already awake and out of bed. I slide out of bed and walk over to him. “Did you sleep well,” he asks. “Actually I did, I was surprised I actually controlled myself from ripping you apart….and your cool body temperature,” I say as I look at him with a shy smile.

“Ripe me apart you say. Hum……….now that sounds interesting. I have no doubt that you could try," he grins. "Try, what makes you think that I would not succeed," I say with a little shock in my voice. He cocks his head to the side and just grins. I have got to figure out a way to persuade him. Oh the many thoughts that run through my head.  


  1. oh poor Emily is sexually frustrated....bwahahahah..... Gotta love it. Another great chapter Jamee.


  2. What happened to chapter 35? Did i miss something. Great chapter by the way.

  3. Sorry Put the wrong chapter number on it. You guys didnt miss anything. I fixed it.

  4. OMG thank U I thought I was going CRAZY !!!!!! BTW I love ur stories u should write a book "NO JOKE" :)

    1. YASSSS and it should be EXACTLY this story


  5. I'm reading this again right (it's really late) I laughed then yawned (cause I was tired so I was slap happy) (I get ready eyed when I yawn) my sister walkedin and said "ARE you CRYING?" And I replied "It's so beautiful" and she looked at me like WTF have you been reading!