Friday, July 12, 2013

The Bond - Chapter Thirty Six

"I have something to ask you..........he pauses and then takes my hand. I need to bond you to me. This will protect you from the others," he says. "I thought you were already bonded to Jen, how can you bond to me and her both at the same time?" I ask. "I can only be bonded to one. They have no interest in her. I will have to unbind myself from her and then do the bonding spell with you," he replies.
He steps closer to where we're nose to nose. "Well?" he asks. "It's not fair, you are playing the hot guy card. You know I can't resist you. And that's not fair I tell you," I huff. "Well us men do what we must to get ahead. And if you have the card then play it," he laughs.

"Yes," I manage to get out before he attacks me with a kiss.

"I'll be back, stay here and don't let anyone in other than me." he tells me as he plants a quick kiss on my lips.

Dimitri returns with Jen. "I needed to talk to you alone, away from the others. I have something to discuss with you," he says as he looks nervous. I have not seen Dimitri that nervous before. "Please both of you sit and I will discuss this further," he motions us to the couch in front of the fireplace.  

Jen sets down crossing her legs with a dead serious look on her face. I sit down next to her as Dimitri comes to stand right in front of us. "I need to bond with Emily and release you from my bond," he starts.

Jen leaps off the couch. "Are you mad, they will kill me if they find out your plan. They will do it just to get at you," she cries out. "I will still protect you, I will find a way to get you as far away from here as possible so you can lead a normal life. Don't you want that," he says.

"I do, but we have been bonded for a while and it will feel like a part of me being ripped apart. You are not the only vampire I have been bonded to. Every time they unbind me....., I feel like a part of my soul is gone," she says. "I know, but you know this has to be done," Dimitri says as he looks down at the floor with a sadness in his eyes.

 Jen nods her head and then steps a few feet away from Dimitri. "I'm ready, go ahead," she says as she prepares herself. He starts to wave his hands around chanting something. A green glow of light sparks from his hands and then darts toward Jen.

I stand there stunned when the bright light hits her. Her body jerks, then as the light radiates from her she comes back to her senses. She looks sad and I know she's feeling what she described before. I know that feeling all too well. 
"Ok your next," he says as he smiles at me. After just witnessing what Jen went through, with unbinding her, makes me really wonder if this is going to hurt.

I step in front of Dimitri as he starts doing what he did with Jen.

I stair as Dimitri starts spouting words off that I don't understand as his hands glow a strange green light. He moves his hands around fast causing dancing streaks of light. I can only watch with amazement.

He whips his hands in my direction and now I'm a little worried that this is going to hurt. I find myself cringing as the anticipation of the spell increases.

He whips his hands in my direction as the light seems to dart off his hands toward me making me flinch.

All the sudden I'm hit with a bolt of light that sends waves of warmth through my body. I stumble a few feet backwards. 

Then I'm hit like a ton of bricks as I find myself being lifted off my feet.

I'm back on my feet as I see a strange light radiating from my body. Dimitri stairs as the spell finishes.

Is it done, I gasp as I'm not sure if I'm going to be hit with more magic or if its done. I feel a strange pull toward Dimitri. "Now that wasn't so bad. Your now bonded to me," he says with a cool tone. Jen heads back to her room leaving me and Dimitri alone. 

I hear the door open and turn to see a vampire women walk in. She locks eyes with me that makes my skin crawl.

Dimitri wraps his arms around me pulling me to him. "Ella, I see that Marcus managed to get in contact with you. Otherwise you wouldn't be back so soon," Dimitri says with a flat tone. "Oh yeah he did, and you think I shouldn't have been notified that you had her. You know we have been searching for her. And well here she is, a guest in my own home. I must thank you," she says coolly. 

"Yes I did find her, but not for you. She's mine and you know it, Dimitri says as he steps in front of me. Ella looks enraged as she stairs at Dimitri. "Oh you will give her to me, I will not be denied. You know this. Don't be a fool," she scowls at Dimitri. Dimitri doesn't move. He stands his ground while staring down at Ella.

"So I offer you a place by my side and you refused that, now you are going to try to keep her, you are sadly mistaken with my power. I will have her, and she will be mine to do with as I please. You are testing my patience," Ella hisses through clinched teeth. "I will not give her to you, she's been mine from the start, and will always be mine, he says with a cool tone. "We will see about that," she hisses as she storms out of the room.