Friday, August 30, 2013

From Darkness To The Light - Chapter Forty

Sounds stir me, but I can't open my eyes. Maybe I have died and I'm passing into a greater plane. "Emily?" the sound pulls me. "Wake up, please!". I will myself to wake, but can't emerge from the darkness that has me hostage. The blackness claims me once more.

I come to and my eyes slowly open. I look down to see Dimitri's arm wrapped around my waste and his steady breath upon my neck tells me that he's asleep. I'm so weak but realize I have something attached to my arm. An IV, how did I get an IV?!

I go to move my stiff body. As I try to get up Dimitri stirs. His eyes grow wide with amazement.

"Your awake! A sight I'm glad to see," he says with wonder in his voice.

"I thought I lost you. Why did you not eat. Was you trying to kill yourself?", he says with a stern voice. "I............didn't know what..................yes" I choke out.

He moves fast and within seconds he's got me pulled into his arms. "Why Emily?" he asks. 

"I was ready to welcome death, it's only the millionth time I have begged for it," I tell him. I see him flinch.

"Do you know how close I was to changing you?" he snaps.

"I couldn't live as her prisoner for the rest of my life. I could not let you suffer and wanted to end mine. I knew you would get over me and then you could move on," I tell him. 

"If it ever comes to that just kill me. I don't want to be a Night Walker.", I say as I bury myself in his arms.

"It will never come to that." he tells me.

"How long have I been in there?" I ask. "About two weeks," he replies. "Two weeks I have been in there! What the heck was she going to do with me?" I ask. "Well you were going to be one of her feeders, but........that is no longer your fate," he sighs. "What do you mean no longer my fate?", I ask. "She found out you were bonded to me and Jen had disappeared which made her even more pissed. So she was going to have you killed by a someone that was not bound by the spell. A human most likely. But let's just say I pulled some strings and now your mine," he says.

He pulls me into his arms and crushes his lips to mine. His hands running up my back to the nape of my neck as he tips my head back to deepen the kiss.

"No one will bring you any harm.", he says as he kisses me again.

 I'm floored, "What strings?", I ask.  "Don't worry about it.", he says. "No tell me, I don't want any more secrets between us.", I say. "We have plenty of time to discuss this, but your going to have to eat. Your wasting away in front of me. Come!" he says as he pulls me behind him down the hall. 

We end up in a big kitchen and Dimitir's hard at work at the processor. I have never seen him cook before but hes so at ease with it. I watch with amazement as he adds ingredients. "I didn't know you could cook," I say with a smile. "You never asked," he says with a big grin on his face. 

He's hard at work at the stove as I watch him cook in his pjs that hang so delicious from his hips. My hunger grows but not for food but for him. 

He leads me over to the table and pulls my chair out for me to sit. I start to eat and its delicious, but my stomach dose a somersault. I take my time and manage a few bites as Dimitri watches me. "Answer this and I will tell you. Do you still love me?" he asks. "Yes you know I do," I say between bites. I can't deny it anymore. I do love him and to be without him is agony. Night Walker or not I can't live without him. "Good, I was hoping you still do. Will you be with me, let me love you?", he asks. I look up and he gazes at me with blazing red eyes. I look deep into them seeing the hints of the golden brown his eye use to be. I sit and think of it only a moment. "I can't live without you. Yes, I love you and will stay with you even as a night walker.", I say. Dimitri let's out a breath that he must have been holding. "Are you going to tell me now?" I ask. "Finish eating and when your all cleaned up I will tell you," he says.  I shoot him a exasperating look. He doesn't say anything but shrugs and tries to look innocent. 

We head back upstairs and he runs a bubble bath. He strips off his pants and climbs in. He holds his hand out to me to help me in. I climb on his lap as he pulls me to him. As I run my finger along his bottom lip he gives me a look. "What?" I ask. "Don't think about it. Your to weak and I want you at your full strength for when we do," he says. 

I turn around as he pulls me to him. 

"Don't pout, all in good time. We have waited this long, whats a few more days," he says as he starts to wash my back. He is so stubborn. I wish I had his will power sometimes.  

After the bath that doesn't last as long as I would have liked, we get out and get dressed. He pulls me into his arms. "No more secrets. Let me first introduce you to someone," he says as I follow him back into the bedroom. 

He opens the door and a female walks in. Her appearance shocks me. I have never seen anyone that pale. I step back unsure how to act. 

"Dimitri! It's been a while since I seen you last," the women says. "Yes, its been a long time, Aunt Amelia. Let me introduce you to someone very special to me. This is Emily, the one I was telling you about," he says. 

"You are much prettier than what he described to me. It's a pleasure to finally meet you," she says. It takes me off guard when I catch a glimps of her teeth. I freeze in my steps. "What's wrong my dear," she asks. 

"Are you a Night Walker?" I ask. "No my dear, I am not. I'm something different. Dimitri will explain it all to you later". 

"We need to head away from here. They will only stay away for so long," she says. My mind is swimming though all this new info. 

"Where are we going?" I ask. "We are going to Dimitri's house and from there I will leave you two and go back to my own home which is not far from there," she tells me.

 Dimitri and I follow Amelia down the hall. "What is she?" I whisper. "You will see. So eager for information! I want you safe and then I will show you the secret instead of just telling you it. And that is why I'm waiting to tell you until we get to my house. The archives are kept there that I need to show you," he tells me as he wraps his arm around my waste. 


  1. OH WOW... I love seeing Amelia again :D

    1. I'm sorry but I REALLY wanna know when did we see her in the first place?????

  2. I liked this one very much. I can't wait to find out what D has to tell Emily and what Amelia is if she isn't a nightwalker.

  3. Hey, I Love Your Blog. Could You Check Out Mine? Its Noting Special And I Dont Know What To Do With It, But I'd Love Some Feedback.

  4. Jamee when are you coming back! we all miss you and your stories, it gives me life! please come back and write more you have a gift! please! i'm your #1 fan.

  5. Even reading Medival series twice through and reading this going on 4 or 5 times I still can't get over how hot Amelia is even as a baby she was gorgeous

  6. Hi i was wondering if you could tell me where you got Emily's dress i am in love with it also love this story this is my 5th time reading it

  7. Hi i was wondering if you could tell me where you got Emily's dress i am in love with it also love this story this is my 5th time reading it