Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hysteria - Chapter Thirty Nine

Pulling myself up off the floor, I run over to the door to try to get it open. I pull and twist the knob till I would have figured it would break. In desperation I start to beat on the door. "Let me out," I scream.

Dimitri, please help me," I shout as I bang at the door once again. My hand begins to hurt from pounding on the door.

No one seems to hear my cries. Dimitri hasn't showed up and no one has bothered to come in. Out of exhaustion I slide down to the floor.

Slumping against the door I begin to cry. Did they hurt Dimitri, are they going to kill me. Shes going to kill me, I just know it. My heart is pounding in my chest as I try to catch my breath.

Crying seems like the best idea. So I cry, and cry some more.

 My body hurts from the fall earlier. All I can think of is Dimitri. Is he alright, will they kill him. I start to tremble with the fear that laces through my every being. I can't shake the feeling of whats coming. 

"Dimitri, I love you, if you can hear me, I love you," I whisper into the silence.

I wipe the tears out of my eyes. I finally start to calm myself down. It seems like an eternity in here.

I sit staring at the flames. I fear that they have killed Dimitri, with no signs from him or anyone else. I began to think. If she doesn't kill me first...............I will find a way to end this nightmare.

Its quiet and I'm contemplating my end. I hear voices from outside the door. I go over to the door to listen. The door lock clicks and I'm pushed aside with the door.

Ella grabs me by my shoulders pulling me to her. I stumble as she takes me off guard. She grabs my head tilting it to the side with blunt force. I know exactly at this moment what she's getting ready to do. As I feel her cool breath nearing my neck, I know its only a matter of time before I feel her teeth sink in. I try to brace myself for the bite.

Nothing prepares me for the pain that hits me as I feel her teeth pierce into my skin. A pain shoots through my whole body as my nerve endings light on fire. Within a second the pain melts away. I feel my body relax as she starts to suck on my neck. I feel content and happy... a feeling I have not felt in so long. This is wrong I scream in my head. I try to fight through the power her bite has on me. I try to pull away only to find that she has a firm hold on me. The high is overwhelming me.

Panic is setting in as I fear that she will not stop. She suddenly jerks away giving me a ice cold look with her red eyes. I sway from the dizzy feeling my head has from the bite. I gasp when she backhands me across the face knocking me back several feet. It shocks me more than it hurts. It brings me back to my senses as I look at her with shock.
A loud snap comes as she slaps me again. "Your Bonded!" she shouts at me with a growl.

I start to back up and trip right in front of her. The look on her face as she peers down at me with hate makes me panic. I brace myself for my fate. She's going to kill me. To my utter shock she stops as she wipes my blood off her mouth with the sleeve of her dress. "You were suppose to be mine, but you and Dimitri thought it was clever that you be bonded. Well my dear it will only save you to a certain degree. I may not be able to kill you or drain you of blood, but I will get my way one way or another. I can lock you away from Dimitri, and then you will suffer more than you would have if you had served me," she screams.

She storms out the door as I pull myself up off the floor. I rub my sour cheek that stings from her backhanding me as the haze continues to wear off.

She's not going to kill me but torture me. I would rather her just kill me and get it over with. My heart sinks as I think of how she's going to torture Dimitri with all kinds of lies about what she does to me and what she will do to me. I know Dimitri is going to suffer greatly. I can almost hear his heart breaking from here. I know he's still alive. She gave that one away when she threatened to keep me away from him. Her new weapon of choice is me.

Hours pass and the room grows quiet. The sound of the door unlocking shoots fear through me. I scurry up against the wall into a tight ball. I peak up to see Luke enter. He sets a plate of food on the table without saying a word or looking at me. "Luke!" I whisper.

He drops his head not looking at me. He heads to the door as I watch him leave expecting him to look back or say something, but he doesn't. I hear the door lock knowing I'm once again a prisoner.
My stomach growls as I smell the food. I stare at it knowing I should be hungry, but don't see the point. My last meal I chuckle to myself as the hysteria starts to set in.

I sit for a while and with several hours passing I must have dozed off.

A sudden sound coming from the door snaps me awake. It's Dimitri and he's shouting and arguing with someone. "I want to see her", he shouts. "You know I can't do that, she will have my head", the man says. "I'll have your head!" Dimitri shouts. "Your threats will make no difference," the man reply's.
I hear a thud which makes me jump. The door starts too open. My heart is pounding in my chest. More shouts come from down the hall. I can't make them out. There is more than one person shouting at Dimitri. The door closes and the sound of the lock clicks loud. More arguing, then they stop and it grows quiet again. It feels like it's really late by this time.

 I find myself laying on the floor just staring into space. My thoughts have become nonexistent as the darkness starts to take over me. It feels like I have been in here for weeks now. The days have been coming and going. I've lost all sense of time. I don't know how long I have been in here.

I doze off more and now the days seem to go by, they bring food that I refuse and I doze in and out of conciousness. I have developed a pattern, sleep and the rest of the time replaying memories of my happy days. My family, friends and Dimitri my soul mate.
I'm laying on the floor, as my body shivers. I find myself really cold. The dizzy spells take over me leaving my vision dancing with dark spots and bright balls of light. I feel death at my doorstep. Its so close that I welcome it. I beg for it to take me quick. I wait for my body to give in, but it deceives me in fighting to stay alive. Just die I tell myself. Let go I say out load piercing the dead silence of the room. I bearally hear the door unlock. Here they come to end this or try to prolong it. In my blurry vision I see a man or women I have no idea who comes in. I'm so light headed I can't even make them out. I lay my head back down as I close my eyes once again. Make it fast, I say as my voice cracks.
Then a familiar voice calls to me, Emily, what have they done to you. I don't even have the strength to look up at him. Just let me die, I'm almost there," I say in a mumble. I find myself drifting off. He shakes me hard making my eyes flutter.

"Don't!" I whisper. "Let me go. I'm done fighting," I say in a cracked voice barally a whisper as I pull away from him. I manage to roll over to face away from him. I can't bare to see his face. "Emily please" he begs. I have no strength to even say anything. After a few moments, he drapes his body over mine. He wraps his arms around me with his face against my shoulder. I can feel him crying. His tears absorb into my shirt. I can't even cry. I cry within with my silent tears. His pleads and tears rip into my soul. I hate that he will hurt when I'm gone. I just want it all over.
Emily Dimitri shouts, I'm vaguely aware that I'm in his arms. He's kissing my forehead as he carries me to where,  I have no idea. "Stay with me" he whispers. "I have something really important to tell you," he pleads. I can no longer fight the darkness, it takes me........

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  1. Hi, your stories are fab!! im hooked on this one!! <3 I love the carriage when james and ameila get married (Ch63 Medieval)...i know its going bk a couple of years but thought if u can remember you could tell me where i can download it from....thanks x