Friday, August 9, 2013

Mine - Thirty Eight

"Emily, things are going to be fine. Chris and Jen are now far away from here. I'm going to take you from here, to where they will never find you. I want to start a new life together. I have a place where we can go. Go get changed," he says as he strokes my cheek.

I head into the bathroom to change as my mind races. Dimitri is going to take me away from here. My heart jumps as my life seems to be turning around from a nightmare to a happy ever after.

I change into a pair of jeans and my favorite sweater. Dimitri wraps his arms around me. We find ourselves in our own world. "I love you," I say to him as he pulls me into his arms. His hands are holding my face as his eyes melt my heart. I wrap my arms around him holding him as close as I can.

The sound of the door snaps my attention away from Dimitri. Me and Dimitri turn to see..............

Two Nightwalkers walk into the room. One I recognize immediately. I flinch as I remember him attacking me in the bathroom. He would have killed me if Dimitri hadn't showed up when he did.

"I told you to leave her alone. She's not yours, she's mine," Dimitri hisses at Ella. "Oh Dimitri, have you not learned anything in your short time here with us. I get my way no matter what. I'm the queen of the Nightwalkers. If I want her, I will get her and there will be nothing that you can do about it," she says with a cold tone in her voice.

Looking over at Marcus, she motions for him to seize Dimitri. Marcus jumps toward Dimitri. I stand there frozen as I watch them collide. They are attacking each other with vicious blows. I can't make out who is winning, I can't take my eyes off Ella who is staring at me.

Dimitri strikes Marcus causing him to grunt which makes me break my eye contact with Ella.

Ella just looks over at them as if its no big deal that they are fighting.

Dimitri grabs Marcus by the head and jerks him to the side as if he was about ready to bite him. He shoves Marcus who stumbles backwards as Dimitri follows him.

"Luke," Ella calls. Within a split second Luke comes in and takes in what's going on. "Give Marcus a hand. Clearly he's not capable of handling Dimitri all by himself," she says.

Luke strikes out at Dimitri as Marcus tries to get out of Dimitri's grasp. I stumble backwards falling hard to the floor.

It's sickening!  Luke puts Dimitri in a headlock while Marcus tries to choke Dimitri. "You will not win, Ella. I promise you that. You better not lay one hand on her," Dimitri says. "Like there is anything you can do about it," she hisses.

Dimitri doesn't seem phased at all by Marcus, who is trying to rip his head off. He looks pissed off as he tries to slip from their grasp. "Ella, I'm warning you," Dimitri calls out. Ella ignores him as she passes him and the others. I'm stricken with fear as she gets closer to me.

"Well look what we have here. The famous little princess that everyone seems to want. Well, you will be mine now," Ella says with a cold harsh voice. I put my head down. I don't want to even look at her. She takes another step and grabs me up from the floor.

In a sudden move that makes me gasp, Ella has me by my waist pulling me to the door. "Dimitri!" I scream as her fingers dig into my hips. I can't fight against her. She's too strong for me. I know I don't have a choice. Dimitri's eyes darken with anger as he sees Ella pulling me out of the room. Dimitri starts to break free but fails when they grab hold with even more force. Two more join in and Dimitri can't even move.  

I'm pushed out into the hall which makes me fall to the ground. Hands grab me taking me by surprise. I'm pulled backwards as I stumble to my feet.

"Don't fight Emily," the familiar voice says to me. "Luke! Please let me go," I beg. "I can't do that. I have orders and I can't disobey them," he says.

He opens the door to a room and pushes me in. My foot catches on a rug causing me to go flying forward. I stumble and hit the floor hard. I fall with most of my weight on my shoulder. 

Grabbing my shoulder as the pain shoots through me, I start to cry. I can't help but cry with everything that keeps happening to me. I curl up and succumb to the gut wrenching sobs that wrack my body.

I ball up and let my emotions get the better of me. Dimitri's angry face, and words flash as the look on Ella's face burns me. She was happy to see me, but angry that Dimitri had not brought me to her to deal with. I can only imagine what plans lie ahead. Torture, even death seems the fate that I have avoided all this time has finally caught up with me. How I miss my mom in times like these. How she would hold me and tell me everything would be alright.

After some time of crying and sulking in my self pity, I sit up and scoot up against the wall to support my body. I shut my eyes and just listen to the sounds that are all around me. It's quiet, all too quiet. The only sound I hear is the fire place crackle.

My mind starts to race as my thoughts are on what Ella wants with me. A chill runs through me at the thought that she wants me for my blood. A delicacy among the Nightwalkers. Will she turn me like Hanna, make me a personal slave or worse kill me? A shudder runs down my spine.