Saturday, January 10, 2015

Long Time Coming - Chapter Forty Two

Dimitri's Grandmother heads back to the palace leaving me and Dimitri alone at last in this house that's stunning. A real dream home that feels like home to me. I have not felt like this since living at home with my sister, mom and dad. I miss my family dearly. My sister that has become a nightwalker suspended in time, forever a teenager with her boyfriend. And my mother and father that would have been happy for me and Dimitri that are no longer here. The faces still haunt my dreams at night. I don't think I'll ever get the screams to stop.

It's so peaceful here. No more running or hiding. It's all to unreal to me. I know I have only been on the run for over a year or so but it feels like I have been running all my life. Now I'm here with Dimitri and my dreams are coming true with him. If only he wasn't a Nightwalker it would be perfect. I can tell that Dimitri has taken a lot of time in setting up this house. It looks like it's been in his family for generations with all the stunning details. 

While in the living room after saying are last goodbyes to Dimitri's grandmother Dimitri comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me as he rests his chin on my shoulder. "I love you my sweet Emily," he whispers into my ear, sending a chill down my spine.

Turning around in his arms I stare into those beautiful brown eyes that are lined in red. I have finally gotten past the eerie red that use to scare me so much. I no longer see him as a monster but as the man I fell in love with so long ago. I'm lost in the moment and it takes me off guard when he slides his hand down my arms snapping me out of the daze I'm in. Taking my hands into his, he pulls me a little closer.  

Without warning he spins me around him. My breath catches for a second. I let out a giggle as I spin again to see him smiling at me. 

Then I gasp as he dips me down and plants a kiss on my lips. His hand slides down my back to my butt. I moan into his lips as he deepens the kiss. He pulls me closer to him and I wish I could feel his warmth again. I push the thought away because I'm happy to have him back in my life. Thinking back on how it tore me apart when I thought I had lost him. I can wait for the day for us to be together like we were. Until then, I'll just let him melt me till my knees go weak.

Pulling me upright I regain myself. He's smirking at me. "What?" I ask. "I'm just happy to have you with me again," he says. This will be the first time that we will be left alone in peace to get to know each other all over again. I just hope he can still love me for the person I have grown into. 

I lean over and plant another kiss on his lips. "Me too my love," he whispers.  "I'm a little hungry. Let's go check out this awesome kitchen of yours" I giggle.  

With my stomach growling I head to the kitchen to fix something to eat. I start going through the cabinets looking through to see what he has stocked. I find that its full and ready for me to cook anything my heart desires. 

I start pulling out ingredients and begin to mix things. Dimitri watches me with amusement as I continue adding things and making myself familiar with the kitchen. I could be a professional cook with this kitchen. As I continue to cook I realize that Dimitri can't enjoy the meals I cook. I glance over at him from time to time to see him watching me cook with amusement. "What!" I ask with a smirk. "I love to watch you cook. It's just to bad I can't enjoy it," he says. I turn back to the task when I realize something. 

I glance over at Dimitri and notice a weird expression on his face. "When was the last time you fed?" I ask turning around to meet his gaze. "Not too long ago. I'm good. Don't worry about it," he says with a cool tone. "Ok, It just seems like it's been a while since you fed. I can't remember the last time you ate. I was just wondering. I worry about you, "I say as I continue cooking. 

I get everything set and place my plate on the table. I set down and sigh as Dimitri joins me at the table. "I feel weird eating in front of you. I feel so bad that you can't eat too. It just doesn't seem right to sit here and eat in front of you," I whisper as I look down at my plate.

"Emily! Please eat. I have been this way for a while now and I'm use to it. I want to see you happy and I can make good conversation while you eat. Plus I need you strong and healthy," he says as he smirks at me. I wonder what that means, It makes me wonder as I start to dig into my food.

"Exactly what does that mean when you say healthy and strong?" I ask with a confused look on my face. "I'll let you figure that one out," he says as he laughs. "So what are you going to do about yourself? What will you do to keep yourself from starving to death?" I ask as I take another bite of my food. 

"I can do a few things. I can go visit my grandmother at her palace where she has feeders there. Kind of like how Jen did when I was with the others. Or I can go hunt, "he says. I gasp, "Hunt, like humans. Do you kill them," I almost shout out. "No, Emily I don't kill anyone. I don't hunt humans either, he says as he giggles. "No I hunt animals, and I don't kill them either. I choose several and they all live after I'm done. I got to admit it takes several to fill my appetite, but I make do," he says as he sits back in his chair and gives me that oh so sexy look. 

I finish eating and go to put my dishes away when Dimitri jumps up and pulls me into his arms. His lips are kissing mine with a passion that reminds me of how we were before this all went wrong. His touch sends waves of emotions that rush me. I find myself weak at the knees and he's practically holding me up at this point. He's not kissed me like this since he turned and I'm gasping.

He pulls away and I'm out of breath. "You don't play fair," I whisper. "I know my love. I think you have waited long enough," he says as he glides his hand up my outer thigh to my hip. I stop breathing as everything heats up.

He walks past me and all I can do is stare. "Meet me in the bedroom," he says in a smooth tone. Finally I get to be with him and yet I'm all of a sudden nervous. I follow him up the stairs and stop at the door. He's waiting for me and I have done everything to try to get him to be with me. Now its finally time and I'm feeling unlike myself. 

I strip down to my underwear before I enter the bedroom. Dimitri's already in the room and I know is patiently waiting on me. I'm wearing nothing but my underwear and bra as I open the door to find him in his sweat pants sitting on the edge of the night stand. I swallow hard as I take him in. All of him from his dark hair to his sexy abs. I walk over to the end of the bed and stop. I can't move any further. 

He gets up and walks over to where I'm standing, never taking his eyes off me. My legs suddenly feel like jello as his hand finds my side and his fingers glides up my ribs then down to my butt. When he grabs me it takes me by surprise and I jump a little. I have never been with a Nightwalker and the thought scares me. I love this man but the idea that he could loose control and kill me unnerves me a little. 

 "No worries my love," he says as pulls me to him, crushing my body against his. He licks his lips as his hungry eyes move up and down my body making me squirm with need. "Don't be scared Emily, I will not harm you," he says as his hands claim my body once again. 

He picks me up wrapping my legs around his waste. He walks over to the dresser and sets me down on the edge. His body is still pressed up against me. His hand supports my back as he moves closer to me. He is now face to face with me and I can see the hunger in his eyes. Not a hunger for food but for me. A hunger to possess my body, to make love to me. "I want you, all of you," he says as he assaults my lips once again muffling any response I would have. 

When he pulls back from the kiss he's staring at me with those eyes of his. "I can't take it anymore. I can not be without you. It's driving me crazy," he says as his hand glides up my leg. I relax against him and let him take me. He's gentle but rough at the same time. I feel myself loosing control. His body is hard and ripped. I can feel him tense as I run my fingers along his abs of his belly and down his back. 

Kissing me passionately his hands are all over me again. I pull him closer and feel his restrain. He's fighting really hard to keep control. And all I want to do is loose control. I moan against his lips as his body presses into me. Oh he wants me bad. 

He responds eager as his hands glide down to rest over my butt pulling me up as I wrap my legs around him. We kiss and kiss. He's driving me crazy and all I want is for him to take me. He wants to enjoy my torture. I'm breathing hard and can't take much more. "Take me," I gasp. "No, I want to enjoy you. I have dreamed of this moment," he says against my lips. 

I push against him slipping off the dresser. I push him back to where he falls on the bed. I run my hand down his jaw to the back of his neck. His hands glide up the back of my legs and he sits there very still. 

"I love you," I say as I run my hands through his hair again. He's letting me be in control but for how long I do not know.

I take full advantage of it. I kiss his lips, then his neck and face. I could almost eat him. 

And then my control is over as he spins me and I find myself on my back. He's on top of me and inches away from my face. His eyes are wild as he runs his hands down my cheek. 

"You are mine. Now be still and do as I say. I have only a little control left, Emily. You are driving me crazy. I must stay in control at all times with you. I can't lose control," he says as he holds me still. 

His body pushes into me hard. He kisses me as his breath is rapid. 

"Make love to me," I gasp between his kisses. He's kissing me and running his lips along my throat. I feel him stop for a moment then his lips are on mine again. I glide my hands down his back as his body goes stiff for a moment. 

He removes the remaining of my clothing and pulls me into his arms so my body lays against his naked body. 

He pulls me up and starts running his tongue down my neck. I feel his fangs graze my shoulder and I freeze. He continues but I can no longer feel his fangs as his lips have covered them and his tongue continues to assault my skin. 

I brace myself as he comes back to my neck. This is where I have to trust him. He wont bite me. I got to drill that into my head. He wont hurt me. He loves me. I relax and let him have his fun. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He's not holding anything back. He's wide open and I'm along for the ride this time. 

He pulls me onto his lap. I slowly sink down on him as I grip his hair. I pull his head back as I sink down onto him again. His cool skin cools my hot skin that feels like its on fire. He kisses my breast as I continue to ride him. I climb and fall again over and over again. He takes me to places that I thought I had been before but I could not brace myself for what he did to my body. 

After making love to me he pulls me into his arms and dips me to kiss me. 

I squeal as he grabs me and slings me across his shoulders. "Bath," he states as he carries me out of the bedroom. 

We arrive in the bathroom and I'm butt naked. I'm just glad no one else is in this house or they would have got a eye full as he marched me down the hall.

Placing me down he leans over and starts washing his hands and setting out bath salts and lotions. 

He helps me in and climbs in behind me. His hands glide along my arms and his legs are on the outside of my thighs. My back rests against his naked chest as his light hair tickles me. Leaning down he kisses my shoulder as he grabs the sponge, pouring the soap onto it to make a lather. He starts down my back making me groan with pleasure. Oh that feels so good. A girl could get use to this. He then moves along my shoulders down my arms. 

He's finishing up washing me as I'm blowing bubbles from our bath. He finishes and pulls me up against his chest. It tickles my back and I giggle as I wiggle against him. 

 "My turn," I say as I grab the sponge from him and turn to face him in the bath. He sits back, placing his arms on the sides of the tube with a amused look on his face. I start at his neck and move across his chest making small circles cleaning as I go. I set to the task getting my man clean. Then I work my way back up and meet Dimitri's gaze. His eyes are blazing and he's breathing heavy. "Like what you see," I grin. He nods as he pulls me to his chest. His arms are now around me. I run my finger along his lip as I stare into his eyes. 

He grips my wrists and I look up to find him smiling. He's now amused. "Oh the things you do to me. "You want to start what we just finished," I giggle. "Yep that's what I'm talking about," he says as he chuckles. He grabs my waste and were at it again like before. Water splashes all over the floor as I ride Dimitri in the tub. 

It doesn't last long when my orgasm rips through me as I hold onto Dimitri as he finishes with a grunt. He looks fully satisfied but still has that hunger in his eyes. This should be fun getting all this out of our system. 

We get out and dry off. I finish getting dressed when he leans in to kiss my lips with a soft kiss. "Hungry," he asks against my lips. "Always," I reply with a grin. "Only you, I mean for food not me. You can have me for desert later," he says with a light laugh. "I'll take you up on that," I smirk at him. 

We finish up and head to the living room. I settle in against Dimitri as he turns on the TV. Dimitri runs his fingers up and down my arm, sending chills down my spine. I turn so I can see him. "I know I'm terrible. I just can't get enough of you." he says with a smile.  

"I love you," I whisper to him. He smiles back as he mouths I love you back followed by a kiss. We sit there for a while watching TV wrapped around each other. I daydream of what lies in store for me later. I don't think he will hold back at all. 


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