Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are They To Late? - Chapter Forty Five

No movement or any sounds were coming from Emily.

Jen walks over and leans close to see if she can see her breathing. She dare not touch her because she doesn't want to disturb her from her sleep. But when she notices that Emily looks like she's not breathing she grabs her shoulders and shakes gently. "Emily! Wake up!" Jen says as she hears her own voice tremble. Emily doesn't respond at all. "Emily! Wake up!" Jen shouts as she shakes Emily harder.

Emily doesn't respond at all. Sinking down on the bed beside Emily Jen knows it's to late. That Emily has passed and they all were to late to save her.  

"I'm sorry Emily, I wish they could have been faster," she says as she strokes her hand. Her hand still warm shocks Jen as she knows she only passed recent.

Then it all hits her like a ton of bricks. Jumping up she starts screaming for Daniel.  

 Huge crying sobs come busting out of her lungs. She wails as tears run down her cheeks. 

Jen's tears continue to run down her face as her sobs rip through her chest. She only becomes aware of the commotions coming from outside the room. She tries to get herself under control. What help could they do for her now. They tried everything and nothing would keep her alive. 

Pulled out of her daze the door busts open and Daniel is screaming at Jen. 

"She's gone," is all Jen could get out between the sobs. He knew then what had happened. 

Daniel pulled his phone out and starred at it for a long while. How was he going to tell his big brother that Emily had lost the battle. That his true love was now gone and he was going to be alone for the rest of his life. He knew his brother would mourn the rest of his days for Emily and now he felt he was going to lose his brother too. Slowly he dialed his brothers number. 

 Daniel didn't say anything when Dimitri answered the phone. He was silent as Dimitri demanded what was going on. 

"Dimitri........she's gone," he says. The line goes dead. 

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