Friday, April 3, 2015

The Gift Of Light - Chapter Forty Seven

The ball of light grows then explodes into tiny little lights around her body. 

Her body raises from the table and hovers lifeless. 

He continues to chant and smoke fills the air. 

Then Light explodes from her body. Just tiny little balls of light circle around her. Nolan continues.....

More light comes from her and Nolan is getting exhausted. He must continue. He knows its working and it's just a matter of time before she comes back to them. 

Then something happens. A light tiny at first starts coming from her back. It slowly starts to grow in size. Nolan steps back.

Then her wings explode from her back and comes to life with a slow rhythm. It's the only signs that it worked. 

Her body slowly comes down and rests back on the table. Nolan examines her and waves his wand one more time just to boost her life force. 

Motionless other than the slow rise and fall of her chest and her wings in motion is the only signs that she's alive. Nolan checks her over and finds that she has a steady but slow heart beat. Now that she's stable enough to leave Nolan heads upstairs to deliver the news to Dimitri. 

Chris and Daniel all jump up off the floor and head over to Dimitri and Nolan. "It worked, but she still has not regained consciousness," he says. 

Everyone in the room lets out a breath of relief. "Is that normal for her to be unconscious?" Dimitri asks. "Yes she died and her body has to have time to recover. It could be hours or days before she regains consciousness," he explains. 

"There's something else you might want to know," Nolan says. "What?," Dimitri looks at him with concern. "She's with child but I don't know the status of the baby as of right now. It most likely died when she did and I felt it's presence when I was doing the spell. I don't know if I brought it back with her or if it still is dead. Only time will tell. 

"A baby!" Dimitri chokes out. "I was a night walker when we..............and it could be a fairy, a night walker or something else. It wont harm her will it?" he asks. "It shouldn't but we need to keep a eye on her to make sure she recovers fully. She will need fluids and plenty of rest. Then we can have some specialists come in and take a look at the baby if she doesn't miscarry," Nolan tells Dimitri.