Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dimitri's Wish - Chapter Forty Nine

Sound asleep Dimitri gets some much needed sleep from being on the move for so long to get what was needed to save Emily's life that he didn't realize that he had fallen asleep for a while. 

Slowly stiring from his sleep he can feel Emily in his arms. 

Then his eyes spring to life when it dawns on him that Emily is no longer just laying there like he had her before but snuggled up to his side as if she had moved into position and curled up in his arms. She was now on her side and breathing steady. 

Slowly moving her out of his arms he slides out of bed and just stares at her sleeping peaceful. As if to reach out to wake her like he had always done since they had moved back to his house. He wanted to wake her up but didn't want to disturb her either. He stood and pondered the decision. 

All the sudden she turns over away from him still asleep. She never opens her eyes but moves her body slowly as if she just rolled over in her sleep. Dimitri's stops breathing as he watches in amazement. 

Finally he gets up the nerve and reaches over gently and turns her toward him. She faces upward on her back but doesn't wake when he moves her. "Emily, please wake up love," Dimitri whispers as he strokes her hair. 

"I know your in there. You moved love, come back to me. Please wake up," he whispers. 

He waits and waits and no response. She lays still and doesn't move a muscle. "Emily, come back to me," he tells her as his voice starts to tremble with disappointment. 

Almost loosing hope he scoops her up from the bed and pulls her into his lap. Her head falls to his shoulder and he sits there rubbing her hand. "You need to come back to me," he says with demand in his voice. 

"Were going to have a baby and you need to come back to me. I need you more now than ever," he says as he pulls her closer to him. 

Emily shifts in Dimitri's arms and her eyes flutter open. Dimitri gasps as he turns her in his arms. "Hey you," he whispers as he strokes her face. 

"Welcome back, don't do that to me ever again," he says in a stern voice. "Did I die?" I ask. "Only for a brief moment I thought I lost you forever. My world ended, Emily. I can't live without you. I will never put you in harms way again. I can't tell you how sorry I am for what I did. When Daniel called and said you had died I lost it. I would have never forgave myself," he says. 

 "You and this baby are my world," he says as he strokes my face. "What! What are you talking about? A baby! Am I pregnant?" I gasp at the sudden shock. 

"Yes love you are with child. My child. And I will protect you and our son or daughter with my life," he whispers as he pulls me closer.

A baby, a baby with Dimitri my one wish that I had long time ago. A new pain opens for a brief moment when I remember the first child we lost but a new joy fills me when I think of a little girl or boy that I thought was impossible to have was finally coming true. 

Then a sudden fear hits me. "Dimitri, you were a Night walker when we.....What if the baby is a Night Walker too?" I ask with a daunting fear of the truth. "We don't know just yet what the baby is but it's alive and that's all the matters to me. I got you and the baby. It doesn't matter what it is. We will face the situation no matter what the outcome. We will make this work," he says as he tries to reassure me. But deep down inside I'm scared to death. 

The nurse places the monitor on the table beside the bed and turns it on. She puts the wand on my belly and the cold jelly makes me shiver. She slowly starts moving it across my belly and stops as a strong heartbeat fills the room. The baby's heartbeat, my baby, and it's alive. 

I glare over at the screen to see a small little dot. It doesn't even look like a baby yet but its got a heart and it's strong. "So what do you see?" I ask the nurse as she is studying the screen. "It's to early to tell anything other than its alive. It shows no signs of fangs or wings," she chuckles at me as she moves the wand more to get some measurements of the baby. 

"So how far am I?" I ask pretty much knowing the answer to that one since me and Dimitri only had the opportunity only a few times in a few weeks. "It looks like you are eight weeks give or take a few days," she says as she finishes the measurements. 

We will put you on a good diet, and I'll give you something to help put some weight back you on. We will continue lots of fluids and plenty of supplements and vitamins. I'll keep a close eye on the baby's progress and hopefully as it develops more we can determine what it is. A boy, girl, fairy, or nightwalker," she says as she finishes up. My heart sinks as I think of raising a little night walker. I wasn't sure how I was going to manage it since I knew nothing about them other than they destroyed my family and lived on blood. What would I be able to offer a child like that. My mind raced at the odds of my situation.