Sunday, August 23, 2015

Emily's New Life - Chapter Fifty

After a week of coming back from the dead I finally have a little bit of strength back in my legs with Dimitri's help. I manage to get on my feet with Dimitri wrapped around me like a vine. He's been so helpful with caring for me that he wont let me do anything for myself. 

"I think I can manage on my own. I feel stronger than I have in weeks," I tell Dimitri as he holds on to me with a death grip. "I'm not taking any chances of you falling," he says as he takes a step with me.

The door opens and what appears to be a doctor comes in. "I see you are making a lot of progress. I'm Paul, your personal doctor," he says.

Dimitri sets me on my feet and backs up so I can talk face to face with Luke. "So you must be Emily," he says with a smile. "Yep that would be me," I reply.

I will be moving in to take care of you during your pregnancy to make sure everything goes as plan," he explains. "Your going to move in the whole time?" I ask. "Yes that way I can be here if anything happens and me and your nurse, Lilly can monitor your pregnancy. That way you don't have to go to any hospitals. We will make a sterile room here for you and the baby when it comes time to deliver," he explains. "I'll be having the baby here?" I ask almost in horror. "What if something bad happens?" I ask. "Don't worry I'm trained in those matters. We will have all the equipment needed for any problems and the staff will be prepared for any complication you might have. You are in good hands," he tells me with confidence which settles me a little.

Dimitri retreats to take a nice hot bath while my doctor works with me on some things. I know he must be enjoying it because he hasn't been two feet away from me since I came too.

I get dressed and get ready to work with the doctor. He's going to see how much I can do since I have returned from the dead. He starts off hovering in front of me.

"Now you try and keep off the floor as long as you can," he instructs. I have not even tried to fly since my condition had gotten so bad. Now I was going to find out how well or how sick I was. I flutter my wings and feel the floor fall below my feet.

"Very good," he says. I keep up my pace and he starts talking to me. "Your doing great. Now lets see if you can fly and talk at the same time," he says. "Oh, I thought you were going to suggest me chewing gum while trying to fly," a say with a grin. "Naw, not ready to go that serious," he says with a grin to match mine. After we finish our session which must have lasted for hours I find myself very hungry.

I change into my pjs and find the perfect opportunity to sneak downstairs to surprise Dimitri with some of my home cooking. My stomach feels way to empty and I know I'm going against all their wishes for me to be resting. But I can't help it. I want to cook and no one is going to stop me. 

I gather stuff out of the fridge and begin to whip it all together. Waffles sound nice for this nice morning. I pour the batter into a pan and head over to the oven. 

I place them in the oven and wait. 

It doesn't take Dimitri long to find me in the kitchen and just in time as I place the plates of waffles on the counter. I sit down before Dimitri has the chance to say anything. He smiles and sits down beside me. Taking a bite he looks over and smiles and nods in approval. 

"So you like?" I ask with a grin on my face. "Oh course I do. I have missed your cooking for a while now. It's so nice to actually eat it for the first time. I look forward to more. You better not over do it. We have to protect our baby, and you till you are well," he says after shoving another fork full of waffles into his mouth. 

After getting the ok I head to take a nice hot bath unsupervised. I run warm water and strip out of my clothes. I sink down into the tub full of warm water that seems to relax every muscle in my body. I wash off all the medical smells and gunk that was left from the days I was completely out of it. 

When I'm finished I sit in the living room waiting on Dimitri to meet up with me. I choose the rocker that's in front of the fire place in the living room. I sit and think of when I will rock a little one to sleep in the future. 

Dimitri finds me in the living room and takes my hand and leads me outside.When we clear the steps he pulls me into his arms taking me by surprise. "I have wanted to do this all day. I have missed us so much," Dimitri says as he crushes his lips to mine. 

We kiss more and my hunger for him deepens. I think he feels it and pulls away just a little. I feel my disappointment as soon as his lips leave mine. 

He turns me in his arms and then I spin away from him. 

Pulling me to his body he dips me low and his warm lips are on mine again. I will never get tired of his kisses. 

He pulls me slowly to the ground. Dimitri sits back and looks up to the stars. The insects provide the soothing sounds of the night as the stars dance above us. The moon provides the night with light and the fire flies light the trees like Christmas. I sit back and scoot closer to Dimitri.

"Look Emily a shooting star," he says as he points up to the sky. Pointing out many stars and constellations we sit quietly enjoying each others company. 

The next day I'm up and ready before Dimitri even gets out of bed. He skips down the steps in his pjs that hangs so sexy off his hips. My mouth goes dry as he stops right in front of me. "How's my girl and my baby?" he asks as he gently rubs my belly. Well this gal is feeling good but the baby well it's just a little blob right now," I giggle. "A blob," he asks in amusement. "Yep it has no legs or arms. Just a little blob," I reply. "If you say so, but when we get a ultrasound and it's got legs its officially a baby," he adds as he heads up the steps to get dressed. 

He returns all dressed for the day. My belly rumbles a little and before I know it. 

He grabs me up crushing his lips to mine. Oh those lips, he must have been gifted for kissing alone. 

He dips me back and deepens the kiss. Breaking my lips from his, "If you keep this up I will have to demand you take me upstairs," I say in a gasp as he claims my lips again. He quickly sets me back on my feet, "my bad," he says with a grin. 

I pull back and grab at my stomach. "Oh no not again," I groan. "What again?" Dimitri says with concern. 

"I'm going to throw up," I say as I take off running for the bathroom. 

I make it but bearally before it all comes up.

Everything that I ate today is now in the toilet. After a few minutes it finally stops. 

I stand up and get my bearings. I feel weak but manage it well. I stand there a few more minutes before I go back to where Dimitri waits patiently. 

I head back into the living room and Dimitri had disappeared again. I set down in the rocker and let my stomach settle. 

I get hit with a sudden urge to sleep. I find myself so sleepy that I make my way over to the couch and lay down. I figure a nap won't hurt.

I hear Dimitri and the nurse in the room but far off. I pay them no mind as I slumber. "It's normal," I hear her say before I drift off again.  

I stir a little but don't open my eyes. I hear Dimitri head up the steps and I drift off again. 

I feel the sofa shift with weight. I peek and see Dimitri in his pjs setting at the end of the couch looking at me. "Sleepy head," he says with a smirk. "Yep indeed," I say in between a yawn. Let's get you to bed." he says. "Sounds good to me," I say as I sit up.

Dimitri carries me upstairs and helps me into bed. He walks over to the other side sliding in behind me. He pulls me into his arms and nuzzles up to my back. I can feel his breath on my neck as he settles into a comfortable position. It's a wonderful feeling to have him with me. I slowly drift off to sleep.