Saturday, February 13, 2016

Full Of Surprises - Chapter Fifty One

With all the stress that me and Dimitri had gone through he agreed to take me to the beach for some much needed relaxation. "This is nice," Emily tells Dimitri who has settled into his sun chair. "It feels good to be in the sun once again. That year was a really long time to be in the dark without you," he says as he sighs.

"I still can't believe we have made it through everything that we have in the last few years. It would be nice to get away from here for a little while," she tells him. "Then why don't we?" he says looking over at me with a grin. "I'm well enough to travel. Please," I beg him.  "I knew you would say that," he said with a chuckle.

As the day grows to a end, Dimitri pulls out his phone and makes a call. "Yes I want to book a flight to China for two" he tells someone. "Yes, I will need a reservation made at the Dragon Inn," he adds. "Yes that will be fine. I will go over all the details in my email later. Thanks," he says, then hangs up the phone.

After a few flights, we were now in China. Dimitri booked us the same room we had when he took me here to hide me with Chris. It was a special time but filled with heart ache too. I felt my sister die that night and didn't realize till later the way I was feeling that night was when my sister truly died and became a Night Walker. I often wondered what she was doing since I left her that one day with Dimitri. I wasn't sure if she was still with that evil vampire queen or not. I shove those thoughts aside to enjoy myself.

Dimitri grabs me, pulling me into his arms, his lips find mine as he takes me hostage with his mouth. He doesn't care who is around as he continues to kiss me.

"Dimitri, someone will see us," I muffle against his lips. When he breaks it off, he's all smiles, leaving me winded by his kiss. "I don't care who see's, I'm not wasting another minute to show you how I feel," he says.

"Let's take a walk, it will do you some good to get some fresh air," he says as he grabs me by my hands.
We walk around town, taking in the breath taking sights. All the buildings, bridges tell their story. "It's stunning, better than last time we were here," I say delight.
"It's breath taking. It's hard to believe that we were here many years ago. It's still looks as beautiful as it did then," I say as I catch up with Dimitri who is taking in the sites.

After looking at the scenery we head into a local shop to do some research of some of the local attractions that made this place so special.

Dimitri gets some books while I move along the shelves.

I continue to move along the shelves until I run across some of the adventure attractions.

I walk out to find Dimitri. He's setting by himself at a smaller table in the shop.

"Find anything good?" I ask as he flips through the pages.
"There is this temple that lets you discover hidden doors and they have treasure chests that have souvenirs," I tell Dimitri.

"If you feeling up to it then I think it would be fun," he says.
"I'm so ready for this, I will race you," I say as I turn and take off leaving Dimitri wide eyed.
I figured it wouldn't hurt to cheat a little. I take off down the street with Dimitri gaining on me.
"I will catch you," he says as his breath comes out ragged. I can't help but smile at myself.

We reach the temple almost at the same time. Dimitri is out of breath as he wraps his arms around me. He pulls me over to a small couch so he can recover from my little game.
After Dimitri regains himself he leads me down a set of steps into a small room that has several statues lining the walls. Dimitri walks over to a small concrete square built into the floor. He steps on it revealing a hidden door that opens.

It leads to another room that has a chest setting against the wall. I walk over opening the chest to see what it has inside. There is a tiny note in the bottom giving us our next clue. What lights our world will guide you to your desired destination, it reads. I look over at Dimitri as he thinks about the clue. "I got it," he says as he walks over to the wall near the torch on the wall. He pulls at it revealing another hidden door. "Good job," I say as we head through.

"There is another chest in the far end of the room. I open it revealing another clue. Hidden in this room you find the key that will help you get to your next destination. You may think you know what you seek, don't be fooled it's more difficult than you realize, it reads. I look over at Dimitri as he starts looking around the room.
I walk over to the door that has a chain that has it locked. Well I can see it's not the traditional key. I examine the chain to find there is no lock on the chain. There is no door knob either that leaves me puzzled. I reread the clue again to see if I can make sense of what I'm looking for. I look around the room and that's when I notice the odd plaque on the wall. It has a star shape carved in it.

 I start looking around the room, looking behind statues, behind tables. I come up with nothing. Dimitri starts looking along the wall to see if he can find a hidden door that might be hidden as the real entrance. He comes across a small loose brick. He wiggles it out revealing a stone star. "That's it," I say in delight. Dimitri walks over to the plaque on the wall, inserting the star. The door swings open revealing the next room.  

Dimitri walks over to the chest. He reaches in pulling out the next clue. To reach your final destination you will have to find the right spot that will lead you to your destination, it reads.

As Dimitri shuts the chest, I see a spot on the floor that looks a little off. I step on it, listening to the wall move. "That was fast," he says with a smile. "I learn from the best," I say as I head for the door.
We enter the room and find two chests. He takes one and I take the other. We both open the chest revealing a cool little lamp that has a note attached. This will light your way through the darkness. I think it's adorable. We decide that was enough searching for the day. We head back to our room.
When we get back my stomach is growling. I start pulling things out of  the fridge in our small kitchen.

Dimitri heads to the bathroom to clean up as I finish our dinner.
When he comes back it's ready. I fix us some plates as he takes a seat at the table.

We dig in and my stomach thanks me. "It's not much, but I was hungry," I say with a small shrug. "It's perfect," he says as he shoves a spoonful in his mouth.

"I haven't had that much fun in a long time," he says. "I know, it was fun going on our small treasure hunt," I say as I smile at him.
We finish up in record time. I'm all the sudden exhausted.

I get cleaned up and head to bed. Dimitri is not that far behind me.

I snuggle up to Dimitri's back as his breath comes out steady. He's as tired as me. I finally drift off to sleep.
We get up and decide a little friendly game of chest was in order. Dimitri wasted no time in kicking my butt. "I think you are cheating," I say with a tease.
"I would never cheat, unlike someone I know," he says with a big grin. I know he is referring to my little game of chase. I can't help but smile at the thought. After we get cleaned up and dressed I have a surprise for you," he says. "What are you up to?" I ask, giving him a eye. "You will see," he says.
We get dressed and he leads me out on the balcony. I gasp as I look around at the area he has set up for us to be alone. "I don't remember any hot tub here last time," I say as I take in the balcony. "It's been remodel since last time we were here.

We hit the hot tub first and it's not as hot as the usual ones, I guess he had it turned down a lot because of the baby. Either way it was relaxing every muscle and joint in my body.

"A girl could get use to this," I giggle as Dimitri leans back, enjoying himself. "That's exactly what I want to do," he says.
"Are you enjoying yourself," he asks. "You bet, this is the most I have relaxed in so long, I can't really remember the last time I got to have fun and relax," I reply. 

Dimitri pulls me to him, planting a kiss on my lips. "I plan on making sure you and this baby are happy and protected," he says.

 "So what do you think," he says. "You are always surprising me," I say.  
 "Wow, you have really outdid yourself, when did you find the time to get all this stuff up here?" I ask as I look around at everything.

 He reaches over turning on the stereo. He pulls me into his arms. "No more questions, time to dance," he says as he starts to move.

"Dimitri pulls me into his arms. He starts to sway at the beat of the music. I follow instep with him.
I gasp as he all the sudden spins me around.

We dance through the first song then we get into the next song. I didn't realize Dimitri could dance.
Were dancing and all the sudden Dimitri steps on my foot. I jump as it takes me by surprise. "I'm sorry, " Dimitri tells me.

I can't help but laugh at Dimitri who looks mortified at stepping on my foot.

"Stop laughing, I know how to dance, really," he says as he tries to regain his pride. "Really it's ok," I say as I continue to giggle.

"That is one of the many reason's why I love  you," Dimitri says. He grabs me, pulling me into his arms. His lips find mine, taking me hostage.
"You keep that up and I'm going to have to demand you take me to the bedroom," I giggle. "That sounds like a good idea," he says with a smirk.
We enjoy a nice dinner that Dimitri had arranged. I can only imagine what else he has up his sleeve. He has already put so much thought in this trip that it makes me wonder what he's up to.
Dimitri gets up from the table and reaches around the small white table to retrieve something. "What are you up to, I know you," I ask. "You will see," he says with a smirk.
He then reveals a bouquet of red roses that he had hid.

"What are you up to?" I ask. "You will see," he says with a smirk.
"I got one more surprise," Dimitri says as he holds up his hands.

He drops down on one knee and I know exactly what he's planning on doing. I didn't think about us getting engaged and the moment was here, taking me by utter surprise.

He reaches around to his back pocket.

It's a box, and he opens it revealing...........

A stunning solitaire diamond ring. "Will you marry me, Emily?" he asks.

"Yes," I squall out in delight as he places it on my finger.

I can't believe it, as I look at it on my finger. Dimitri is smiling from ear to ear still on his knee's taking in my reaction.

"You like?" he asks. "Of course I do, it's stunning," I say as I examine it more.

I leap toward Dimitri who catches me in his arms as he hugs me tight.
Dimitri grabs me, kisses me, then sets me on my feet. "You wouldn't take a girl's breath away would you?" I say with a giggle. "That's exactly what I wanted to do," he says.

"You are my world, and I want you to be as much of it as I can make," Dimitri says.

I don't know how he manages to say the sweetest things, but this man has always had my heart. "I have wanted this for a long time, but it never seemed within my reach with all the stuff we both have been through. And just when I thought I lost you, here you are making me the happiest man alive," Dimitri says as he strokes my cheek.

"I couldn't agree more, I have wanted you from the moment you became my body guard all those years ago. I never thought I would see this day either, even when things started slowing down," I tell him.
"Well from this moment on, we are going to be happy, start our family and live our lives the way they should have been from the start," he tells me. "Now lets have some fun," he says as he joins me by the fire pit.


For the rest of the evening we sat and enjoyed each others company. I wanted this moment to last forever.