Thursday, July 13, 2017

Update on my work

I know I have not posted anything in a long while due to my job and my current work on my books. I know many of you miss my stories on here and I hate not being able to write on them right now. My book series that so many of you have inspired me to do has finally made it to a three book novel set. They are all three done, rough draft so far. The first one, Her Secret World is now with the editors for the final edit. Once done I will submit the first book on amazon for ebook readers for now. Then I will proceed to get book two to my editors until all three of them are complete and uploaded for everyone to read.

Pure Blood Series
Her Secret World, Book One
Between Worlds, Book Two
Worlds Torn Apart, Book Three

Thank you all for your support through all this. If you want to see the very first draft it's on my other blog. Remember there are errors, spelling issues and just weird stuff. Your more than welcome to read the first four chapters to get a little feel for the story. Its just the tip of the iceberg that honestly I couldn't tell you about without spoiling the surprises. Enjoy.

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