School For Story Telling

School for story telling.
 I created this for story tellers. I started with the hospital and thought it would be great to have a school for some school shots of your kids and teens going to school. It has everything a traditional school would have. Preschool classroom, childs classroom, teens classroom, boys and girls bathrooms, library, lunch room, playground, gym with boys and girls changing rooms. I also included a room with beds for tired sims to rest while you get those amazing shots. There is two big rooms that I left empty in case you want to add something eles to the school. All I ask is to not claim as your own or to reupload it.

Preschool Classroom

Children's Classroom

Teens Classroom





Lunch Room


Gym Changing Rooms


Floor Plans

Just in case something dosnt come with the school for some reason here are the main things I used.
school set

Rabit holes if you want to turn it into a active school instead of using the other school.

Exspanshions used
teacher desk
late night  sink, wall hand towl, wall soap despenser
Ambitions, lockers