Friday, January 28, 2011

Hospital For Story Telling

Hospital For Story Telling

Here's the Hospital download link

I made this lot/house/hospital with my current game at the time. I had all the expansions and the last one I had was ambitions. It contains some ambitions stuff but most are from the regular game. Mostly just decor stuff. I used moveobjects on to put some of the items together, like the baby cot for the hospital nursery. Place the mat into the cot. The outfits I got from typing unlockoutfits in the cheat code box. I'm not sure if all the items will come with the lot without downloading them separately, so just in case, I'm including some of the links that make the hospital what it is. There are rabbit carpets that can make this a hospital, I just hadn't done it because I wanted to set up all the screen shots and haven't tried it.  It took a long time to complete this hospital. I think you will enjoy this lot and make your game nice for those who love having those babies, and want sick Sim's for stories. I just ask not to upload it as your own creations and just enjoy them for your own games. Thanks.

   Hospital Room 

Got a sick sim? 

Waiting Room

Doctor's Office 

Exam Room 


Baby Nursery 

Get those labor shots

After Labor 

Baby shots with doctor in the nursery

Mom and Dad with babies in nursery 

Babies in nursery 

First Floor 

Second Floor 

Third Floor 
Other items that make this hospital:

Hospital Set Items.

Cafe set for lobby.


Medical Diagrams and Charts

Medical Charts

Downtown Objects

"Place anywhere" TVs.

Rabbit Holes

Here's a better shot - a forum page


  1. Perfect! Just what I needed! Brilliant work, thanks for creating this.

  2. cuz u plz give a link other than the sims3 website to download ur lots and stuff? plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz i just love this hospital!!!

  3. No problem, I uploaded it for you on megauploads heres the link.

  4. The baby cribs don't show up in my game, how do I get them to? Thanks :)

  5. They are mods, you will have to place them in your mods/packages folder and then they should be found in the cribs in buy mode. you will have to use moveobjects on to place the pad into the crib to give it that cool look. It will function as a crib.

  6. Hi Jamee how does the rabbit hole works?

  7. This is awesome! Thank you!

  8. Hi there! This looks really useful and I'd love to have it, but the TS3 site hates me and Megaupload died. Would you be able to reupload it anywhere? Thanks so much.

  9. I can't find the hospital in the Empty Houses catergory... Where can you find it?
    PS: I love this! I tried to make a hospital but I got really bored since I didn't have all of the items to make it. You are amazing! Thank you!